DKC2- Donkey Kong Rescued (PRC115)


"If there's anyone that's been here from back at PRC53, you can understand that Donkey Kong was a big deal to me when I was a kid. I went through the entire Land trilogy on the GameBoy and later started emulating the Country set, and saw a beautifully crafted set of platformers from Rare that seemed to end up ranking as one of the most creative sets of platformers I saw from Nintendo at the time. Heck, it even kicked back in again when I re-downloaded the second title through the Wii Virtual Console around the New Year and when re-looking at it again I was in love once more.

Dave Wise's music has generally been inspirational to quite a lot of remixing personnel out here. With a project based on the first game out and plenty of contributions for the second (with most done by Protricity >.>) we can see that his score is not only fun to listen to but pretty awesome to interpret at the same time.

There are few DKC2 tracks gone untouched, but I felt the one I picked for this contest is one of the more melodic of those untouched works, and has enough going on to have been warranted a remix sooner rather than later. I hope you all appreciate this well enough; no monkeying around this week!"

(Usual PRC rules apply. Deadline is March 9th at 4:59AM EST.)


Start: on 3/1/08
Deadline: on 3/9/08
Voting: on 3/12/08

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