To Ashes

posted in OHC745 on Jan 19, 2023

Beautiful and so dangerous to me

I could stare out you for hours but you'd burn if I get too close

Smoke and light are the perfect disguise

I wanna know your heart but you said it's always not the right time

From ashes to ashes everything we were goes up in flames

From ashes to ashes

Every trophy melted down wish I never played the game

I hope that you stay warm, burning everything we were

Oh from ashes to ashes

You won

Late Entry

Come Down

posted in OHC742 on Dec 29, 2022

Got my head in the clouds

Can't come down when I'm with you

I'm so terrified to fall

Everything that you do

Brings up the altitude

My head is screaming come down

Come Down

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OHC745 Jan 19, 2023
OHC742 Dec 29, 2022