Through a Gas Mask

posted in 2HTS97 on Feb 07, 2016
Too bad the mic was awful, enjoy.

here I come in the club, I am disguised
I see these guys, should ask fo advise?
thousands of lightbulbs on my mask
here for no task, just chillin

is this a great party?, I starting to feel it
do you like my costume? sorry for my perfume
just waiting my turn, fortune
I need it tonight, for this dance

i've climbed over an high fence
now i'm making a strange stance
in order to trow infected confetti
and join the || banquet to get more fatty

Now with my gas mask I'm getting amused
'to see how people drink and get loose
a real festival, a feast of abuse
and get these bloodstains off my blouse

I am wearing lab gloves, leaving no proof
should escape now, climbing the roof
woof woof do the dogs in the courtyard
I trow them small pieces of lard

running now under cover of night
i'm sure this way no one see me, no light
this cape is bright, it ruins my escape
now i am at home watching stargate