You can’t stand me

I need to hold my ground

When I see you here

Whenever you come ‘round

I stand alone

Out standing in my field

That I call home

You think that you can take

What isn’t your to keep

And if you do, I’ll break

But I won’t be the one to weep

Late Entry

please doc i need something please bro i s2g bro

posted in 2HTS493 on Sep 10, 2023


I need a little something


Should give me drugs

I'm not feeling well

and it's been two times this month.

You gotta give me something

'cause I'm feeling really rough.

I promise it's the last of me,

you won't see me around

'cause I'll be leaving town.


You really know how to pack a punch

This time

I feel it twice as much.

Yo what the f*ck did you give me?

Watchu doin', whatchu doin', watchu doin'

to me now,


Please don't cut out my kidneys.

I need those.

A lot.

The FixYourLevels Sextet

posted in 2HTS420 on Apr 17, 2022

I found this audio recording while going through some old CDs that my big brother had growing up in the 90s (ew hella long ago) so I decided to upload this to share for our Two Hour Tracks Unday S of 420th the event!

love me slow

posted in 2HTS359 on Feb 14, 2021

Got a lot of love in my heart for you, baby.
Not afraid of what'll come when we're one.

I know you're just that way, and I

Love you just the way you are.

Love you til the end, which 

really isnt quite that far


Some others may be scared

Of the way things go

You can kill me fast

But please, love me slow


oops. hi.

posted in 2HTS352 on Dec 27, 2020

Caught in a freefall

With no end in sight

Vision blurring with time


Lost in a freefall

One wrong step and all

The fault is mine


I take in all the sights of the

World around me

Making the most of it while

I am plummeting

Out of control

This is getting old


Begin to think of the

Day after next

Making longer strides

Out of smaller steps

Out of smaller steps


Caught in a freefall

With no sight of the end

Making most of the short time

When theres no help to be sent

Lost in a freefall

One wrong step and all

The fault is mine

Liar's Land

posted in 2HTS346 on Nov 15, 2020

I wish it rained here more

Like it used to

Nothing feels the same

Without you


I think youd understand

My apprehension

Im only at the worlds command

Ive lost my direction

But when Im laying in bed

Swimming in the moonlight

You make me feel like

Everything will be alright

Youre never there

Youre never there


Like I wish you were

Like I need you to be

Like I need you again

This missing part of me


I dont need your love

I just need the moonlight

Dewey, cold air

To give me new life

Yet Im pulled back again

Missing you once more

One of my best friends

What am I fighting for?

What am I fighting for?


Give me the strength

To be who I am

Nothing is false

In this liars land

But why do I feel

Like youre so far away?

So f*cking far away?

x 2

Lofi Beats to Buzz and Pollinate to

posted in 2HTS334 on Aug 23, 2020

Im trying to generate a buzz

Get something going on in your heart

Sometimes I feel like giving up

But I cant stand to bee apart

Im just winging it

Thinking about all the things that I love

About you

Thinking about all the things that I 

have to do

Cause Im just a drone in these honeycombed halls

Hoping to bee seen by his 


Queen Bee 

Sitting on your throne

My Queen Bee

Youll never bee alone

My Queen Bee

No matter how many humans try to kill us

My Queen Bee

Youre sweeter than the honey that we regurgitate



It might be out of pocket

To talk about the love I have

For you

I should just be on Bumble

Looking for the larva my life there

But every time 

I think of you


My Queen Bee 

Sitting on your throne

My Queen Bee

Youll never bee alone

My Queen Bee

No matter how many humans try to kill us

My Queen Bee

Youre sweeter than the honey that we regurgitate


Bursting Bubbles

posted in 2HTS153 on Mar 05, 2017
Verse 1
I don’t mean to interrupt your get together
Just want to remind you to expect bad weather
Nothing seems to be going your way today
And maybe that’s for the best

Gives you a little perspective on the
Shit that matters and the shit that’s stress
When you’re in duress it all blends together
But don’t things get better?

Chorus (x2)
I guess you’ve got a point saying
“Things just don’t go my way everyday
And I’m tired of waiting around”
But that don’t mean any thing
Sorry to burst your bubble
But you’re gonna have to
turn that frown upside down

Verse 2
Waking up in the morning
Head groggy from the night before
And the day before that
Again and again
The same things driving you mad
Since you seem to be stuck
Floating in a pack of the same
Souls stuck on the same truck
If only it were off-roading
If only it were off-loading
Something to change up the monotone
To float away (to float away!)
Blessings on you if you choose
To go your own separate way
Maybe you’ll blow by another day

This gusty breeze
Disgusting me
Where am I going to?
Its taking too long to get there
And I think I’m about to
Lose my mind
Bursting my bubble

Chorus x2

Cookie Monster Jazz

posted in 2HTS152 on Feb 26, 2017
Chocolate chip or snickerdoodle
Shaped like a circle or like a poodle
Da cookie taste so good to me
With a glass of milk, just let me be
Surrounding a blob of French vanilla
Or on top of a cake filled with ice cream frills, yeah
The cookie tastes so good to me

TIL 2HTS is in my head

posted in 2HTS139 on Nov 27, 2016
If this shit’s all in my head
And it’s just a dream made up
To keep me in bed
Maybe I don’t need to get out ahead
Maybe I’ll just cruise
Until I fall over dead, then what will I do?
If there’s no such thing as reality
And it’s just neurons firing away in me
Then maybe all this really was meant to be
Or just some freaky ass shit I don’t need to see
The 2hts fools might be making mad fire
But they’re part of my brain and its going haywire
So before I embarrass myself any longer
I’m gonna stop writing and just grab my donger
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