mines all around

posted in 2HTS468 on Mar 19, 2023

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i ran outta time - didn't finish getting all the bass and keys in and vox needs to be redone, but wanted to give a feel for where i was going

rippin’ into pieces,

losin’ like minesweeper

i don’t know what’s wrong

but it’s gotta go much deeper

than walkin’ down the tightrope,

swayin’ totter, teeter

breakin’ down the walls

with a roar that’s screamin’


won’t somebody come for me

i’m running,


won’t you try and free me!

mines all around

don’t make a sound

’til there’s fire

and you’re flyin’

ten feet off the ground

fear in the crowd

divin’ for shelter

deep down underground

don’t make a sound

outside the lines

posted in OHC753 on Mar 16, 2023

paint me in a corner, baby, paint me down the hall

paint me in a circle, babe, i’ll catch ya when ya fall

there ain’t no time for secrets, t-shirts drippin’ black and red

only time will tell if we’re compatible

they say, you’ll lose your mind

brushin’ with commotion you cannot fight

they say, you’re out of time

paintin’ with emotions, outside the lines

outside the lines