modular break

posted in OHC591 on Feb 06, 2020
take a break, on the beach, cmon!

This was a modular patch I just made and recorded straight into audacity. Pretty fun. I'll make a patch note for it later.

Secret Song

posted in OHC500 on May 10, 2018
I tried to do something entirely acoustic non electronic. I even recorded all of the percussion. Idk, it kind of sucks a bit... Also, I just sort of covered over the polybius soundtrack so....

untitled zomb

posted in OHC380 on Jan 21, 2016
this is what happens when you haven't made any music in 3 weeks, no idea... I can at least make some noises so that's cool i guess...


posted in OHC362 on Sep 17, 2015
I fell out of practice so here's the first thing I've tried to make in like 3 months

bleh in 20 minutes

posted in OHC349 on Jun 18, 2015
I tried to use some samples I just recorded, but they were useless for this and I ended up wasting 40 minutes on nothing... So here's some bleh in 20 minutes or less...

bleh thing

posted in OHC347 on Jun 04, 2015
I just made the first thing I thought of and apparently it's weird ambient music so there's that. I don't know how closely it matches the theme but oh well...


posted in OHC345 on May 21, 2015
I reformatted my hardrive and lost all vsts so here's something with only ableton stock stuff. Also I haven't touched ableton in 5 months so theres that too...

Bleh Ambient 2

posted in OHC293 on May 22, 2014
Bleh Ambient 2, revenge of the Bleh

I tried to make it sound like autumn...


Bibity bopity boo... (ellipse is for you... eery)
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