Stardust Feel the Bass

posted in PRC391 on Apr 26, 2019
It was an easy decision to redo this track from the one I did last week... after 4 attempts now Im finally happy with it and this is my one and only entry. After reading the useful comments on the last compo there were a number of issues that needed to be resolved. If this is the first time you have heard it... enjoy and dont worry. Aiming to improve. Cheers.

Smurfs the swamp movie

posted in PRC389 on Mar 15, 2019
Never played the game or heard the tune before... ouch! you say. Sorry but I can like a tune and make it my own style. Gone for a cinema piano mix to start with added drums using a new feature in Korg Gadget. Is this cheating Im not sure but never mastered the creating of beats so far. Dont forget the synths... The result feels like a practice track for me so welcome lots of comments :D hope you enjoy it.
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PRC393 Jun 30, 2019
PRC390 Apr 21, 2019
PRC389 Mar 30, 2019
PRC388 Mar 11, 2019