The Control of Fear

posted in OHC211 on Oct 25, 2012
Right, mine didn't turn out as dark and spooky as it originally sounded in my head so I made a backwards back-story to kinda make it work.
I tend to start writing a song with a thing in mind but that I quickly forgotten and then it kinda writes it's self so yeah it ended up "completely on theme" but try to enjoy it anyway. (By which i mean is completely the opposite of it XD)

##-- Backstory--##

Fear to some, is what keeps them awake at night and eats at their soul. But to others it is the fuel for their body and mind. When they bestow that primal feeling in someone it drives them, the feeling of complete euphoria returned to them. So the picture of horror and rage and is paint about you is all an illusion.
To hold the Heart of Fear in your hand and to control it is an addiction and one that no one can give up.

Cosmic Time

posted in OHC198 on Jul 26, 2012
Strange and unnatural glow just brought equinox by Jean Michel Jarre to mind. So something that sounds vaguely like that was born.

It's short but meh, first OHC so have to start somewhere.
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