Emo Emo Emoness Emo Emo

posted in OHC242 on May 30, 2013
oh, oh.

saw you walking through the desert
I knew you weren't there forever and
though we shared that moment kindly
thought you would have found me gently but

found you walking out that evening
you were holding hands and weeping
gently weeping

i must go
never mind
where the wind blows

and you
you have escaped
and I let you

I was foolish to think it would last

Now I come to terms with feeling
As I stare into the ceiling and
You're not here to see me weeping
You moved on and I'm not ready to
Wish you'd stayed but I'm afraid of
What would happen if you chose to and
Soon you'll have forgotten who I
Represented now resented by you sadly

i must go
never mind
where the wind blows

and you
you have escaped
and I let you

I was foolish to think it would last

Fucked Up Fish

posted in OHC238 on May 02, 2013
deep under the ocean
far under the sea
live creatures too horrific
for the likes of you or me

first we have the viper fish
adapted to the dark
it's jaw is truly massive
and it's teeth are razor sharp

the deep sea angler is quite strange
it strikes when victims are in range
while the gulper eel will make a meal
of larger fish it makes a dish-

What a fucked up fish!

the giant squid's a cephalopod
grows up to sixty feet
it also is a carnivore
which means that it eats meat

the vampire squid has photopores
which is really quite neat
it means it turns invisible
down at three thousand feet

and if you fear the wrath of god
beware the giant isopod
it's the size of a small dog
Bathynomus Giganteus,

What a fucked up fish!

Love Hurt Love (Turned Your Back)

posted in OHC227 on Feb 14, 2013
i searched for you
for the whole of my life
yet here I am
what a glorious sight
you are

now turn your back
to me

i see it now
i spent too long
tracking down
the one who I wronged

I turned my back
on you

this is my stand
i gave for you
and you gave back
the things that I said

made you turn
your back
on me

The End Has Come

posted in OHC225 on Jan 31, 2013
all the flames have blown away
live to fight another day
I've been biding and igniting
all the fuel of hate inside

When I have the final word
Bitter like you never heard
It will end you and I'll send you
To the hell that you deserve

I will hurt you, I will smile
Haven't felt this in a while
Your pain is all that I desire
it is all just fuel for the fire

Every moment that you stand
You force the turning of my hand
Want to show you all the misery
And suffering I can

I will punish all the wrong
You have held for oh so long
Obliterate and force my hate
Into a ball of fury

This is what I'll give to you
It's only what you made me do
And it's the last time I will do so
For your life is ending

Pummel you into the ground
Only when I hear the sound
Of repentance will I let up,
but you still won't get up

It will be the end for you
Because my cause is really true
You are the evil one I'm punishing
And the end has come for you

Journey Song

posted in OHC221 on Jan 03, 2013
The hero is make journey to beginning soul power levels, can him defeat the evils before they made life spark all gone for eternities?


posted in OHC219 on Dec 20, 2012
it's time to say goodbye
it's time to run and hide
for now there comes a day
which has been prophesized

chaos emergent in society today
was only a matter of time before we pay

this is your final day
do with it what you will
for by the fall of evening
comes the bitter kill

and if you're wise you'll find
a meaning to it all
but will that revelation
save you from the fall

and as you see your fate
approaching ever near
it has become the ending
one that you will bear

and though your time on earth has not yet drawn to close
keep the truth within that no-one ever knows

The Veil of my Wailing

posted in OHC217 on Dec 06, 2012
How, many times must we weep
For the moments passing by
I can feel them, and I'm shaking,
And it's raining, and the drops,
Like poison they are falling - And I'm crawling,
Towards the life that I don't want,
But it's forced upon me anyway

And now I am crying,
Satisfying all the times that I could not.
And it's truly very frightening,
As the poison courses through,
My blackened veins,
I do not remember anything at all,
Past the point of no return,
The veil of my wailing.

Now comes the time to forgive,
For my actions surely do not deceive,
From the core of responsibility,
I'm picking up the pieces in my ashes,
But it's dry, and I don't mind,
Because it's not so complicated now and

Why am I trying, so reminding,
Of what I used to have.
And I'm really still relying,
On the motives that have past,
With no regrets
I have not forgotten anything at all,
Past the point of no return,
The veil of my wailing.
A single mother tries to raise her alien babies in the ghetto slums of a wartorn middle-earth. Little does she know that she is the only teacher who can show her children what it means to be a real ghost hunter. Will she find true love with the sith lord? Will Elvis be able to defuse the bomb in time?

Forgotten to Time

posted in OHC193 on Jun 21, 2012
this melody was composed by my brother, I just messed with the lyrics, progression and arrangement

everythings coming up sideways
never quite sure where to go
it's not like anyone told you
you're just expected to know

point me in the right direction
why has my path gone astray

where is your god and your valor
where is your strength and your pride

gone with the ashes of history
a will which you've clearly denied

this is the path that you've chosen
walk it til the very end

what will become of misfortune
when it is your only friend

you were always too short-sighted
left to your own you will crash and then you'll burn

And you'll rise from the ashes
but still you will reap but you will not ever learn

you were always too frightened
now that it's passed you can only hope to burn

And you'll rise from the ashes
but still you will reap but you will not ever learn


posted in OHC191 on Jun 07, 2012
Life, is a maze.
Lose all sense of bearing.
But, it's okay,
To be lost for a while.

Don't lose all faith.
The exit's round the corner.
And the walls are smiling.

Look back and laugh
At feeble irritation.
Now, you're out, You're free.

Blind in the mind,
Numbing all the thought away,
Life is a crime, to which We all must pay,
You'll find your way,
You'll find your way.

Rollin' Dat Boulder

posted in OHC188 on May 17, 2012
flame, fire
pain, fearbred

greed, lust
sins you, committed

you, your soul
belongs, to me now

you read, the contract
you signed, in your blood

life, is over
welcome, to my world
you, belong here
never see the light again

whatever i want in life
i took and now i pay
if only I took the time
to find a better way

now that I'm here I see
the path I chose was wrong
how do I make amends
how do I carry on

there is a spark of good in me
that I call faith
eternity is only so long
for me to wait


posted in OHC184 on Apr 19, 2012
I feel fine, I'm losing my mind
Got no time, I'm losing my mind

the straw that broke
the camels back
is heavy

what it is
that made me crack
i never

wanted to
believe that I
would be the

guy that made
the choices that
would bend me

out of shape
and into hell
you sent me

cannot cope
so then I broke
do you see

what it is
that you have done
right to me

see this look
right in my eyes
don't cross me

off the list
just yet because
I'm happy

happy to
believe that I
am happy

its a smile
right off the dial
I'm happy

see the knife
I hold because
I'm happy

want to feel
the way that I
am feeling?

well you can't
because your skin
is peeling

speak to me
why have you gone
so quiet

smile dear
we should all be
so happy

Burn Baby, Burn

posted in OHC150 on Aug 25, 2011
you are so hot my baby
how I like
to watch you burn
now I want your heat forever
now I want your heat forever

do you like the way it feels
when you slowly start to turn
would you like to burn forever
would you like to burn forever

do you feel the heat my baby
how I like
to watch you squirm
now I want your heat forever
now I want your heat forever

do you like the way it feels
cos I can see you sizzling
would you like to burn forever
would you like to burn forever

Inside The Void

posted in OHC085 on May 20, 2010
Why I'm here,
Is a tale told in another age,

Frozen now,
In an effort to preserve our kind,

Floating in an everlasting beautiful expanse,
Maybe one day, maybe one day I can come alive.

We're a dying species on the brink of extinction,
But our brightest minds they have devised a solid plan,
As the final heartbeat of our planet came to pass,
Sent me into outer space to find another way,

Here I am,
Here I am,
Here I am inside the void.

The Level Cap

posted in OHC067 on Jan 14, 2010
so you spent 43 weeks playing this game, right? and you were good at it. great, even. by the end, your avatar was so powerful that you were leading all the raids, getting all the best drops, and the bitches. OH, the bitches.

But you've hit the top now and there's nowhere to look but down, and it's not a pretty sight. You could start all over again, sure, but in the end, that'd be little more than an echo of the greatness you have achieved.

You've hit the cap, the level cap

It's about this time that you realise that you haven't stepped outside in months. The smell emanating from your shirt can only be described as ghastly.

You figure you could shower, but for another hour you'll just keep going. Those monsters wont kill themselves, right?

You've hit the cap, the level cap,

But just as you stand to get something real achieved in your life for once, you notice that the expansion has been released.

New areas it boasts, new monsters and items to plunder! A brand new experience!

Being the person you are, you can't help but whip out your credit card on the spot.

Forty nine ninety five, Forty nine ninety five

So once the download finishes, in minutes mind you, this isn't the dark ages, you install it and begin anew.

Oh look, a new race, you say. Wow.

Half naked night elf warrior princess

You're intrigued, but not so much that it will deter you from spending the next few weeks levelling up your overpowered mage.

Eighty is the new cap

Time flies, your crusty shirt dries, summer arrives, the sun errantly sending its warm, life-giving rays throughout the land. Of course, you don't notice. All you notice is that number. That one little number on your character stat sheet.

You'll never win
Just give in

Casino of Truth

posted in OHC064 on Dec 10, 2009
All the money
In the world
Cannot buy you
A good time
So come on down
Spend all your dough
Be a winner
For just a mo

Get addicted
Lose your wife
Then your business
Then your life

Throw it all
Into the bog
Is now your god

So come on down
Come on down

Thanks To God

posted in OHC062 on Nov 19, 2009
I praise God
For everything I see
All creatures A to Z
Oh yeah

He gave us life
And put us in this world
He gave his son
To be nailed up on a piece of wood

Oh yeah

Gonnhorrea herpes and H I V
Are what he gave to me
And while we're at it
What's with all the poisonous snakes
So many poisonous snakes
Why'd you make so many, God?

And what's with the platypus anyway
Some people think that it's evidence of
Evolution is a lie
A lie

Okay so maybe there is no God,
But I thank him anyway.

Dragons Decree

posted in OHC060 on Nov 05, 2009
There's a fire in the skies
Heated by the blood of many
Hunted, hated and reviled
With the burden that we carry

Who would stand before me
You would turn to dust
I am all but godly
You can never kill me

Living in a world of flame
Waiting for the end of time
When again we shall arise
Make the world our own

Who would stand before me
You would turn to dust
I am all but godly
You can never kill me
You can never kill me
You can never kill me


posted in OHC059 on Oct 29, 2009
Without a theme
Where woudl the music be
Without heart or soul or poetry

A nihilist
A catalyst
For nothing new or heard or seen has ever been so hard to find

Never mind, I'll do it anyway, but for the day I've found that nothing will depict what I can think or ever thought,

It's fine, I'll do it anyway with the hopes that I may find a piece of truth within the very roots of what I am

Running out of time to find the rhymes and reason why I can't, I won't, I really don't know what to say.

Nothing lost, but nothing gained and that's a pain to me, receding creativity.

My Begonia

posted in OHC057 on Oct 15, 2009
Autumn (also known as fall in North American English) is one of the four temperate seasons. Autumn marks the transition from summer into winter, usually in March (southern hemisphere) or September (northern hemisphere) when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier.

Never Leave the Skies

posted in OHC055 on Oct 01, 2009
The skies are afire
The clouds torn aside
As this mighty vessel
Rises to the skies

Their leader has honor
He commands with pride
A fortress kingdom
On wings of steel it strides

An icon of fury
It travels the land
Bringing with it stuff that makes a fellow man

Rising to glory
And braving the high
This flying fortress will never leave the skies

Oh, no?

3xOsc Battle

posted in OHC053 on Sep 17, 2009
1 - Hopeful Encounter
2 - Boss

3 - Mortal Showdown - I didn't write this now, but felt it should be included! Don't vote for this :P

To Control the Stars

posted in OHC045.5 on Jul 23, 2009
It is the 22nd century. After a valiant war between the Alliance and the Hierarchy, the evil Ur-Quan prove victorious, and enslave the human race beneath a giant red energy shield on Earth. Unbeknown to them, a small research post of humans are still thriving in the distant Vega system, and they eventually uncover a giant underground starship facility, built by an ancient and forgotten race. YOU are chosen to be the pilot of that mighty titan.
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OHC045.5 Jul 23, 2009
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