Dave's Cave 3: Silence

posted in OHC620 on Aug 27, 2020

Some 8 years ago, I joined OHC as a short-lived participant, at the height of my connection to a musical community. During that time, I wrote something of a vent piece for this compo, titled Dave's Cave. Generously, you might call it spoken word. More honestly, it was a reading of some silly ultraviolent short fiction.


I've never forgotten OHC, and while I may not have stuck around I've always wanted to come back and participate in some way. Occasionally I did. Today, I remembered OHC as I often do, and resolved to enter one last time, to finish the story of Dave. When I saw the images for tonight's theme, I knew I Had to.


To everyone who encouraged me back then, I may not have pursued music any further, but I did get a better mic. I moved out of my parents place, and I've become a much better, stronger person. I'm in a better place now, and I want to thank everyone here for being a light on that path, if only a faint one.


Shoutouts to sci, aka anosa, who brought me here.

Salt in our Hearts

posted in OHC208 on Oct 04, 2012
A crew, shipwrecked on a barren reef.
A ship, majestic as the moon and the sun, lost to the waves.
A wave of grief and helplessness.
A crew, sunken to join their ship.

Cosmic Gangstas

posted in OHC206 on Sep 20, 2012
This was way too fun.

In space, nobody can hear ya swag.

Rollin in the stars, cosmonaut crew
Cruisin star to star, just enjoyin the view
Got my tricked out space pod, mile broad,
Stocked to the brim with whiskey and gin
Party too rowdy for the planet earth,
You know they all be trippin over what were worth
Roll it hard, no atmosphere can handle us
Everybody back home, they started fearin us
Trippin' out, space dust, that shit's just
Top of the line, feelin so fine, and I must
Confess I didnt like being so far away
To heck with alla yalls Id rather not go back and stay,
Im gonna own alla this, dont you be steppin up
Biggest baller in outer space, be reppin up
Got my crew together, we gonna light it up
Brighter than supernovas, well burn it up!
Blaze a trail all through the solar system,
Stocked for drinks and guns, hope nobody missed em
Ripped out the reverse gear, theres no way back
Gonna blast into outer space, go on attack
Cut me a little slack, I didnt plan this out, man
Just goin with whatever happens, no plan
So we rollin forever, through the milky way
Maybe well find intelligent life somewhere some day


Hardcore Science

posted in OHC203 on Aug 30, 2012
My first OHC rap song, iirc. Basically, it's about a guy who lives with his parents and teaches himself various bits of science. He's kinda crazy, and isn't great at it. He also kinda steals shit from the local "real" lab. He grumbles and mumbles about science not being like it is on TV and how i's setting a bad example for kids.

It was SUPPOSED to be about a guy who has a basement lab and does mad science.

Intentions don't count for shit when inspiration hits you.

In the basement, with the reinforced steel door
I got about a hundred flasks but I still need more
So I borrow a dozen from the local lab
I swear Ill pay it back, just put it on my tab!
Im almost at a breakthrough, just about to disprove
Something or other, could you please just move?
I swear Im not trying to turn lead into gold
Thats a fallacy, a fantasy from days of old
Now back to the basement back to the brew
One more thing that I gotta do

Goggles: ON, Labcoat: ON
Lets get serious, this aint TRON!
The time is now, this is how
I change the world, everybody come on!

Science! Its a word that you know
From countless episodes of the Bill Nye show
And from books by guys like Isaac Asimov
But this aint sci-fi, thats all improv
-ised and when televised
theres even less science, instead they emphasize
Technobabble like reverse the polarity
Cold hard facts are something of a rarity
And so Im here to make science cool
Stand back kids, you wont see this in school!

Goggles: ON, Labcoat: ON
Lets get serious, this aint TRON!
The time is now, this is how
I change the world, everybody come on!

Now Im not saying that Doctor Who
Should be banned from television, thats not cool
But they really should add some kind of disclaimer
Real-world science is so much lamer
Or something of the type, cause that aint right
A good textbookll keep me up all night
I pore over diagrams of brownian motion
I even learned how to make my own explosions!
So thats why Im down here, sitting at the bench and
Im starting to think that I might need a henchman...

Goggles: ON, Labcoat: ON
Lets get serious, this aint TRON!
The time is now, this is how
I change the world, everybody come on!

Generator: ON, Parents: GONE
Lets get serious, this aint TRON!
The time is now, this is how
I change the world, everybody come on!

(Inspired by the style of MC Frontalot)


posted in OHC201 on Aug 16, 2012
Tumbling, stumbling, a whirlwind of emotion
Thundering, wondering, pondering a notion
A heartbeat thats becoming
Much slower, and its numbing
To think that you were once just
A person like them

From the light to the dark, shadows are the answer
Festering, pestering, growing like a cancer
Darkness overwhelms you
Hatefulness befell you
No-one seems to care that youre
Turning to sin

Do not think, do not feel, do what the dark tells you
Prejudice, cowardice, flaws that compel you
To drive out the ones who
Want only to help you
To pull you up out of the
Pit that youre in.

It's Almost Time

posted in OHC200 on Aug 09, 2012
I like to play with themes like this. Instead of it being a straight reversal of perspective, the villain isn't so much a hero as a simple scientist who made a mistake. The "heroes" are the rioting public.

This was a nice lyrical exercise. Sorry about the quiet vocals, it's 2AM as the compo starts and I have sleepy parents.

Ive worked so very long
To keep the end at bay
And though I once was strong
It could only ever end one way

Theyre at the gates now;
The screaming hordes, the crying nation
But what awaits them now
Is naught but devastation

What of the wonders?
The pyramids, the Eiffel Tower?
Nothing but thunder now,
A prelude to the rising power

The generators whine,
I think its almost time
Theres nothing I can do to save us all
The lightning arcs aside,
The problem was my pride;
My hubris led the world to its once and final fall

I could have been a hero;
Or won a Nobel Prize.
If only my invention
Hadnt been so compromised

You fools, youve gone and done it;
I almost had it there;
Now in our final moments,
May you become aware

The holes are widening;
The cracks are closing in;
The end is coming soon;
And I suppose you win.

The generators whine,
I think its almost time
Theres nothing I can do to save us all
And as you look outside
The void is opened wide
Your error led the world to its once and final fall
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