The 4th iteration of the Sevensongs of Springbreak series: Harutopia.

Track list:
1. Fields (3:21)
2. Sight of Blossoming (3:13)
3. Mechanical Flower (4:01)
4. Clockwork Hymn for Sunset (3:12)
5. Chill in the Night (4:36)
6. Harutopia ~Utopia of Spring~ (4:09)
7. Looking Back (1:25)

Now available on my Bandcamp for $2+!
Next year may be my last Sevensongs of Springbreak, so I'm gonna aim to make that my magnum opus before breaking into full-fledged albums from thereon out. In the meantime, enjoy Harutopia (・ω・)ノ

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Bonus entry, do not boat.

A-zu-ra - Symphonic Dancers
A-zu-ra - Flowy Snow Danse
Chirigami Zed - Cruisin' for Hi-Alti
A-zu-ra - I Tried Too Hard
A-zu-ra - Monochrome Airflow
A-zu-ra - Psykio Tonnel
Chirigami Zed - The Echelon Project
A-zu-ra - theories of organized nonsense
A-zu-ra - Speed Up x 5
Chirigami Zed - Sweet Little Nights
at least i made something ( ゚^゚)


So I made an album for my friend's latest video game, THE REFLECTORS. It's a short 3-track album that contains slightly extended versions of the game's soundtrack. Come get it over here if you're interested!

The 3rd iteration of 7SoSB series, now with new unique titling

the bed of diverse flowers
Brought to you by 9-Bit Records

Current track list so far:

1. Wreath
2. Jumping Jack
3. Baramatsuri (Festival of Roses)
4. Bloom and Spring
5. Spores of the Sky

Two more tracks will be made in the following two days. Look forward to it on March 30th!

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posted in OHC267 on Nov 21, 2013
"Thank you for participating in tonight's One Hour Compo by ThaSauce Network.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to a birthday party for Raydere, A-zu-ra will not be participating in this week's One Hour Compo.

We will now proceed with One Hour Compo Round 267."