What Alarm

posted in OHC299 on Jul 03, 2014
Transitions? What are those? Bahaha. Silly stuff as usual yadda yadda boom bang~

Whispers of something gone
But I won't let them be defined
Please pay no mind
To the path I may have walked on

You can guess all you want
But there are no answers

Gotta sound the alarm
Better sound the alarm
But you can't
'cause I'm in a breakaway
And you won't find out
Until much too late
That I managed to get away
But how would you know that?

Hidden Bliss

posted in OHC296 on Jun 12, 2014
Mic went bonkers halfway through this. So yucky sounds are there that I can't take out. And I couldn't tweak sounds because the program told me no? Welp :I

Ask the questions
Seek the answers
But are you willing to pay the price?
Now you will know
Because you'll find
That you wish you could hide

Where to go?
What to see?
If only you can go back
to blissful times

Final Fight

posted in OHC295 on Jun 05, 2014
Ermmm whatever I had no time. Got to the compo late and couldn't connect anything. Also, I haven't done this in so long. Enjoy this 15 minute worth of silliness! Whoopsies~

Forget me
Forget all of this
Don't let it keep you
From moving
and fighting
Yes, I know
Our journey's about to end

Hear the cry
So keen so crisp
Fear no arrow
too sharp too quick
Raise your sword
with your shield
This is our glorious

Searching the Galaxies

posted in OHC085 on May 20, 2010

Follow the trail

I'm searching all the galaxies
(I'm searching across the galaxies)
Is it you I'm looking for?
(What am I looking for? Is it you?)
Space flowers bloom in front of me
(There's so much beauty around me)
But you're not there
(But that's not what I'm looking for)
There's nothing there
(Why can't I find you? Where have you gone?)

So onward I travel
I must find...

Can't Win On My Streets

posted in OHC082 on Apr 29, 2010
I have no idea. Just went on a whim. I need more time to work on my lyrics~~~ Hahah. I hope you'll enjoy it regardless.

Subpar lyrics:


You called out my name
But you had no
Business being here
You're trouble, yes, dear

You wanna try me
Boy, you're on the wrong turf
As these streets are mine

You can't win against me
You won't win against me
You can't win against me
Oh no

Ha! You're toast

Your Sword's Heart

posted in OHC081 on Apr 22, 2010
Heart. Spirit. Whatever. Same diff, right? Ummmm... My apologies on the quality. It's a piece of junk I know. It was fun all the same though. I hope you enjoy it anyways.

You've come on down to face your fears
That's in front of you
Lest you sacrifice all your love
to the falling night

But you must break free from falling
visions of doubt
You must seek from within
Your power, your sword's heart

There's no turning back from all those years
of torture and pain
Now is the time you must conquer
the breaking of day

But you must break free from falling
visions of doubt
You must seek from within
Your power, your sword's heart

Now you've broken free from falling
visions of doubt
You found from within you
your power, your sword's heart

Want to be You

posted in OHC080 on Apr 15, 2010
First time trying this and I just so happen to do this while I'm sick. :c Please be gentle. I know I am not good at this and I rushed this. I know it's noticeable. But this was fun. Thank you for the opportunity.


I watch walk on by
Faces a-glow
I wish that I could walk like you
Like you
But I'm just a mannequin
Aesthetically pleasing
Hip design
Fashion devine
You aspire what I wear
But I wish I could walk like you
Walk like you
Yes, I wish I could walk like you
walk like you
walk like you
I want to be just like you
I want to be you

Much love,

Akogare Zephyr (or AZ if you please)
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