E Scrolls Arena-Sneaking (PRC131)


"Before Morrowind and Oblivion, and indeed, Daggerfall, this was the game in which the world of Tamriel made its debut. This particular tune is played in game when you've broken into a house and are going around looking for loot whilst periodically fighting random blocky-looking enemies. I could only upload an MIDI cos I couldn't find the MP3 ~anywhere~ (I guess it's cos of its relative obscurity) but in the game it's pretty much the same, just played with a different DOS MIDI bank anyway...
Anyhow, enjoy! Let's kick off the sixth year of PRC =D
Ah yeah, it's The Elder Scrolls: Arena, not simply Elder Scrolls: Arena, don't remember if I accidentally called it the latter or not"

(Usual PRC rules apply. Deadline is October 19 at 11:59 AM EDT. I hope I did everything correct with the timezones)


Start: on 10/10/08
Deadline: on 10/19/08
Voting: on 10/22/08

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