2HTS started as a revival. Alone on a quest to make people fight for sonic pleasure, an old user from the LL Compos at Solidcomposer found himself alone, the old community was gone and nobody showed interest on these competitions anymore. Since reddit has proven to be a great platform for music makers, why not call upon redditors for the quest? /r/edmproduction, /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers, /r/abletonlive, /r/reasoners, /r/flstudio and several other sub reddits were invited to battle, a free for all genres competition with no particular prize but the crown of victory.

The Sunday was picked because it's the day of rest of most salary dependent people. The initial response was so great that the concept of the THEME became a video for some extra inspiration. We also made it clear that no kind of barrier or handicap would ever be issued, meaning that, themes are completely open to each producer's interpretation and we'll not release sample packs or any kind of audio to be used in the productions.

The story is simple, JohnnyBigoode had the revival idea, Drbassexpert24 made the /r/2hourtracksundays subrreddit, antik took massive charge (because Johnny is a lazy mofo and antik is perfect in every way possible) and H0nestliar started doing the videos.

The competition starts every Sunday at 20:00 UTC/1:00 PM PDT. The participants have two hours to make a song and additional 15 minutes are granted for mastering and uploading. The chat happens in our dubtrack.fm room.

Organizer: antik & JohnnyBigoode