Mincraft + Tyrian (PRC460)

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Jan 30, 2023 bundeslang
  1. Selling My PRC Track (TheVideoGamer)
  2. Tyrian - BuySellMusic (HLEET Remix)
  3. This Sounds More Like a Cover Than A Remix (BONUS DO NOT VOTE)

Enjoyed all the songs, both has a nice setup and sampling. IamVideoGamer had some great string samples in combination with the drums, enjoyed Hleets drumwork. Also enjoyed the bonus with the stuff on the background.

Jan 30, 2023 hleet
  1. Selling My PRC Track (TheVideoGamer)

Hey, it's a nice remix VideoGamer ! 

I like the second part that is kind of Dance Club mix ^^.

I would have suggested some other synth sound for this second part.

But as you said, having enough time is the culprit here (again).