Vatlva - BGM#6 (PRC465)


Source: Vatlva - BGM#6 (Celtic Rock)

"I think i'll hold off on sending the Pulseman sources until later, as i want to focus less on the Genesis so i can try for more Saturn and PS1 games. Surprise, this is also a Japan exclusive, which is a common theme with a lot of my submissions. I have submitted this game before though, but this is a completely different source. Almost leftfield in genre too, but then so is this game lol. It's not a typical game at all, it's kind of unique. The first one i did was a track called Happy Hardcore. It actually doesn't have a name, none of the tracks do. It's been given names by the YouTube people themselves, mostly to help differentiate between the tracks. You see this game doesn't have a cult following like the others, nor is the music an integral part, unlike the other games.

I haven't even explained what the hell i'm talking about. The game is Vatlva and the track name is......blank. I submitted the last Vatlva source as Happy Hardcore because it was clearly defined by people, and it made sense to recognise the genre i was submitting, since it was distinctive, and not something you see a lot. In this case there isn't a well defined name, because nobody has picked one for this. In fact i had to record the track through audacity in order to rip the track, so i could transcribe the MIDI. The only way to listen is through a full OST rip. Nothing more i'm afraid. 

So what am i going to call this? Well this plays in the 2nd Snow Stage (There's 2 in total), and for me sounds very much like Celtic/Scottish kind of Rock with a very simplistic but melody focused type of production. So if i were to follow the naming conventions as seen above, i would go with Celtic Rock. But if i had to use it by stage name, then i'd go with Snow Stage 2. I can't even find the track on YouTube, instead the Happy Hardcore track is really popular, compared to this one. Not so much in views, but in the amount of videos. So the only way to listen to the source is either via a YouTube rip of the whole OST, or this dropbox link before of the solo track in question. For those panicking this is a legit game and a legit composition from the game. 

The game itself is created by Ancient, who you may remember for crafting Streets of Rage 2. I won't go into too much depth, because i've already spammed this with loads of text, but i'll say it's a fighting game, with a few racing game elements thrown in. So Mortal Kombat but with vehicles, and powerups. It also features an Anime cutscene storyline, and a whole host of vibrant locations, and gameplay options. It's unique in a lot of ways. The music is done by our finest Yuzo Koshiro alongside his famed collaborator Motohiro Kawashima, which you will know obviously from SOR 2 and 3 (And other games) Most of the music in this game goes throw quite the selection of styles, from Hip-Hop to Big Beat, to Jungle, To Happy Hardcore, to Hard Trance, to House, to Cute Techno, and this rock piece as well. (Is it a rock piece? I literally don't know, it's so weird.)

This piece has a triplet feel, comprising of various Wah Guitars playing both a driving one note rhythm, and a dynamic but very simplistic melody (Simplistic in terms of rhythm). The guitar plays throughout the whole thing and doesn't change notes at all (Minus the little hidden one before the loop). The drums are this extremely odd blend of acoustic and electronic, the melodies are played on varying folk like instruments, such as a Harmonica, Bagpipes and a Guitar, all whilst the chugging Wah Guitar powers throughout. It can also be a little dissonant in parts, making this sound a little on the goofy side (Dissonant as in there are a lot of clashing notes in this, that is kind of unique to the piece). I've said way too much here, so i hope you give this super fun, extremely catchy but very simple piece a go. It's a blank canvas waiting for expansion. Enjoy!

Game: Vatlva

Source: BGM#6 (Unofficially known as Celtic Rock)

Video of the soundtrack (The source begins at the 13:03 timestamp)"

The track on it's own (If you don't want to trawl through a 36 minute video.) This is sent via Dropbox: - Rock Thing.wav?dl=0

And as usual my own custom MIDI:




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