Command & Conquer - Mechanical (PRC230)


Source: Command & Conquer - Mechanical Man (PC)

"The C&C series needs more love on VGmusic and OCR =(
Anyhoo, this is not all that difficult, compositional wise, but emulating the atmosphere and sfx may be a bit of a challenge, if you're going for a more conservative feel. If you wanna go liberal, my biggest suggestion to you is to focus on the bassline, regardless, for it's the strongest and perhaps most recognizable part of this track, imo."

Deadline is Tuesday October 30th, 11:59 AM ThaSauce time (note that ThaSauce Time does not have daylight savings).


Start: on 10/18/12
Deadline: on 10/30/12
Voting: on 11/1/12

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