posted in OHC153 on Sep 15, 2011
deprivation desolation dehumanization demoralization denormalization determinism

don't deprive population of its determinism lest you want a desolate place.

Not one left behind

posted in OHC149 on Aug 18, 2011
Lead, Bass and Drumkit; these are enough to make a killer tune.

...oh yeah, the title is about some serial killer who never leaves the bodies behind... he just likes trance.

............it's 4 am here.

The Void

posted in OHC147 on Aug 04, 2011
Trapped in an endless void, its swirling purple gaseous texture makes you want to forget about everything but itself...

Journey Into my hands

posted in OHC144 on Jul 14, 2011
A track that is as clean as it can get. Interpret it however you want.

Used synths:
-Sine wave harmonized via whitenoise effect chain
-Drums purified via whitenoise effect chain

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