OMG There's my booty!

posted in OHC145 on Jul 21, 2011
You were on a pirate ship on your journey to the ape island when a huge thunderstorm caught you all by surprise.

The next morning you slowly awake on shore.
[0:00-0:18] Still dazzled you try to figure out where you are...
[0:18-0:31] As you start recovering your sight you stare at the most beautiful island you have ever seen...
[0:31-037] and...
[0:37-end] OMG... the most amazing booty is right in front of you!
The journey of your life has ended, you found it!!!

For honor!

posted in OHC096 on Aug 05, 2010
This is your very last chance. You will most probably die, but it needs to be done... a lot depends on your final mission.
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