Cocoon (the new me)

posted in 2HTS199 on Jan 21, 2018
Today, I woke up and everything was different
Nothing made sense anymore
Morning routine,Sipping coffee, paying the rent
Hitting the gym, and more
Getting the trash out, going to work,
Paying the bills, responding to emails

Everything sounds pointless, I need a change
I can’t afford to waste my time

Because I’ve changed [SO MUCH]
I’m shooting out of my range [I’m a new person now]

I feel like I’m ready, finally
To write a new chapter of my story
From roaches to riches
Listening to Peaches on the beach with a bunch of bitches
That’s a story I’d like to write with you
So hopefully we’ll see it through

I would love to be able to say
That the old me is allowed to stay

Because I’ve changed [SO MUCH]
I’m shooting out of my range [I’m a new person now]

Sinusoidal Depleneration

posted in 2HTS193 on Dec 10, 2017
That was way to much pressure
To sleep with Kesha
I could not take a shower
Let alone use my karcher

I wanted to spend the night with her
But I was drunk and smelling like an badger
There was only one solution
Sinusoidal Depleneration

Oh oh oh
Kesha Kesha
Close your eyes
And your nose
Oh oh oh
Kesha Kesha
Especially your nose
Let me show your a good time


I didn’t have much a chance
To check out my account balance
I just bought the machinry
Thinking it would certainly clean me
I stilll had 24 hours
Would certainly not take a shower
I didn’t have much imagination besides
Sinusoidal Depleneration

Thick SawTooth Pick

posted in 2HTS159 on Apr 16, 2017
I have a big big big one, ahahahahahaha
Famous from the north to the south, and if you want to, you can put it in your mouth, too
I have a big big big one, ahahahahahaha
Not talking about my dick, you villain
Just about my thick toothpick, man

It’s certainly not afraid of your 32 teeth
So show me what you got
And I’ll show you my gift.
Honestly, it’s as big as a tree
Every time I put it in, I feel like I break free
So much pleasure in this simple gesture.
Many can confirm it’s no miniature
If you want it, make sure,
You open wide enough
For the biggest one found in nature, the Behemoth