Quarter Life Crisis

posted in PRC149 on Jun 27, 2009
I decided to take a fairly liberal approach with this one. I would say this is more 'inspired by' the source rather a direct arrangement of it. I have kept most of the chords the same with some variations. For the melody however I copied the concept of leaping arpeggios without actually using the original melody.
I only had time for a quick mix for this, and my mixing skills are no where near the level of others on this site. I would appreciate any constructive feedback, tips, etc so that I can improve the mix. Hope you all enjoy!

Final Hour

posted in ORC119 on May 17, 2009
I am a noob to ocr and this is my first remix. This was started 3 days before the due date so the mix is rough to say the least. I put most of my effort into the orchestration and I would appreciate some constructive feedback regarding that.
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PRC150 Jul 27, 2009
PRC149 Jun 28, 2009
ORC120 Jun 22, 2009