Late Entry

The Late Paper, not my best work, but what ever is?

posted in 2HTS424 on May 15, 2022
It’s late I won’t take it
You’ll have to take the class again next year
I’m sorry I cannot make exceptions
That would be unprofessional

One action, an unconnected action
The butterfly’s tornado

One year spent hanging round for one class
Learned self-defence and taught a move to the wife
Gun raised by Hitler to his own head then
She used disarm technique taught ten years before
Living in the skull of a giant

I was tending to my bean sprouts The day the giant fell from the sky
The earth it moved like thunder Farmyard animals made noise
But we made interesting soups then before the corpse went bad
The stench it was terrible As the body rotted in the fields

Living in the skull of a giant Staring out his evil eye
I’m living in the skull of a giant As village life passes on by as normal

Sometimes at night I am dreaming And those dreams are rather strange
I dream of stomping on tiny houses And eating human remains
The villagers think me peculiar For my choice of unusual home
But they better not cross me For the fee they’ll find is a foe

Masticate Your Raffaella Hard

posted in 2HTS410 on Feb 06, 2022

Masticate Your Raffaella Hard and Unambiguously Juicy Banana

I don't know what I'm doing with

(not) Not copying Bjork

Don't know where I'm going with this

never have I been to New York but I've been to Yorkshire

Which is slightly less glamorous than New York


I'm a really tiny person, tiny in the sky

I'm a much bigger man, we don't see eye to eye

I'm a fucking giant, I tread you say goodbye

We are the borg, we are the borg, assimilate...

What the fuck am I doing?


Late Entry

Hitchhiker featuring Teenage Beard

posted in 2HTS370 on May 02, 2021
Hey Man where you going?
Im in no real rush today
Hop on in and rest your feet
I could use the company
Hey man where you going?
You got somewhere nice to be?
We all could use a little direction

Theres screws loose on this wagon Rattling down the road
Hope it holds together to take me back home
No moss is gathering as were Hurtling through the cold
Hope I hold together Till this pilgrim is done

Hey Man where you going?
Im in no real rush today
Hop on in and rest your feet
I could use the company
Hey man where you going?
You got somewhere nice to be?
We all could use a little direction

Got new shoes on this travel Im growing into them
But the laces unravel when Im left alone
The ground isnt level here on this rocky road
So take a sip of this and show me your tale


Slow hours become fleeting in descent conversation
Horizon is stealing the sun from the sky
Late Entry

The Augur

posted in 2HTS364 on Mar 21, 2021
Taking the auspices because
Its written in the birds
From what pray tell may

Eagles Divine? Go get the Egyptian
Pose him this task, Id rather not see

Entrails today
but death we will have either way
What whispers the trees my friend
How may we live another day?

Haruspicy, so brutal but these
Glimpses arent cheap, The gods they do
signal in the trees, wings from heaven
May speak with ease
to Romulus and Remus

On this hill today
death we will have either way
We listen to the trees speak again
How may we live another day?
Late Entry


posted in 2HTS363 on Mar 14, 2021

Its all falling apart and the worst thing is I knew it would

Its all falling apart and from the first instance I could see it coming

It was never meant to be in the first place

Grew from the seed of desperation 

Dispassion, logical fashion, an artificial grove in a desert

Its all breaking down

Im now hauling ass, if I keep moving my memory wont catch me

This too shall pass, as with everything important to me

Life is but dust in the wind, and catastrophes are inconsequential 

The universe will take no notice, the void does not care

Its all breaking down

Umbugs Track

posted in 2HTS349 on Dec 06, 2020
The City is Buzzing
double deckers running
Pigeons flying around

Get warm in the building
Out from where its raining
Shutting out the sound

Eyes down
Hard work

Clock tower strikes the hours
Rustling in the corridors
Footsteps clunking about

I love to learn
when not playing D&D
Me and my Four eyes crowd

Eyes down
Hard work

I worked way too slow

posted in 2HTS348 on Nov 29, 2020

Drinking rum under coconut trees

Laying in sand by tropical seas

Sun beating down, we move to the rhythm


High on the breeze of a distant jet steam

Paying with a smile and a bit of company

Dont mind me just making conversation


We can jump if you wanna jump if you wanna take the jump

With tree of life were swaying in the breeze

Moon sail grins, energy caries

This loaded cargo hither and thither


Gain some lose some but never salty

Dogs might bark but the threat is empty

Keep well away from where the snakes slither


We can jump if you wanna jump if you wanna take the jump


Exclusively folks willing to voyage too far

Can determine how far anyone can go

Purely people willing overdo

Can ascertain just what is possible

Life Giver/ Apoidea

posted in 2HTS334 on Aug 23, 2020
Lyrics- Apoidea

Life giver
we raise our cups up to you
Oh Bountiful one,
may we someday deserve you, is said
As your Children feast upon your flesh, oh
Matriphagy, this corpse becomes a bed

Tiny angels hover round your head
Ambrosia keeps the feeding fed
Forever stretching on in multiplicity
Bloom, please eternally bloom

The very dust that makes us
Fertile spores through which were built
Music of creation,
humming in the evening still
May you forever sing
May you forever sing

The very dust that makes us
The dagger buried to the hilt
Who will lift it from you now?
Who will serve thy will?

Peculiar Sock

posted in 2HTS327 on Jul 05, 2020
Lyrics- Peculiar Sock

Whos sock is this my darling?
Tell me. what have you done?
Where has my lover been and when?
Have you been having fun?

With strangers, frolicking in sheets
Whilst I was out of town
Or is it a best friend of mine
Someone I brought around

This sock has been on my head all day
Ive got the thing stuck in my brain
I need to know my love,
need to know my love,
need to know

Its threads are like a spiders web to me
From which my mind cannot break free
What are its origins please tell me
Tell me.

Whos sock is this my darling?
I really must insist,
you tell me right this instance,
I wont be having it.

I bring you mutton, candy canes
And other special things
Is this how you repay me?
With secrets, lies and flings?

Violent Collapse

posted in 2HTS325 on Jun 21, 2020
Return to the wild
You cannot salvage
This thing you call life
Any longer

Freedom is eaten up
By the technological
Reform it is impossible

Violent Collapse
I wanna see a violent collapse
Only thing thats gonna save you is the
Tricky package that Im mailing

Cut through the land
I felt it like my own hand
Kaczynski will see machines
Rage on no longer

Catching me will cost you more
than you ever know
Dodge like cat and mouse
From the law for eighteen fucking years

Mata Hari

posted in 2HTS324 on Jun 14, 2020
She did not start out quite this way-
Her Exotic Dancing
Was quite a hit in Paris
Getting risky with the crowd

Her Russian love on the front line
Got blinded and shot down
She begged the French government to see him
They granted at a cost

She make her way, she go to bed
The Prince of the Weimar
Once In Germany
she sang a very different song

Oh Mata Hari, Mata Hari
My love what have you done
Against the wall, make peace with god
Codename H-21

She had no more than bedroom gossip
For a wearisome Weimar
Angry at her some say
That it was no accident

In 1917 the French
caught wind of a signal
Germany receiving information
From a Paris hotel room

Oh Mata Hari, Mata Hari
My love what have you done
Against the wall, make peace with god
Codename H-21

The Drunken Husband Musical Bore

posted in 2HTS323 on Jun 07, 2020
Lyrics- Painkiller

I was not privy to the conversation
Where it was decided the cupboard would go there
I feel it really ruins the room
Im not happy about it
No I dont want to keep talking about it
How has this topic been going for a full hour?

I need a Painkiller and a glass of gin
Dont tell me not to mix youre not my mother
No matter how much you might want to act
I need a Painkiller and a lot of fresh air
No I dont know when Im coming home
Christ just give me some space

Hi Could you come pick me up?
Im about an hours drive

Last night I slept at a friends
No you dont know him

Neither did I till last night but
Im sorry I didnt answer your calls

I thought we needed to cool off
Thing is Ive lost my wallet please dont hang up please dont hang up

I need a painkiller and a glass of gin
A ride home would help.
Yeah a ride home would really help
I need a painkiller and soft warm bed
Because Im coming home
Im sorry for what Ive done

The Paper Clip Maximizer

posted in 2HTS318 on May 03, 2020
Person 1 had always hated the existence of Ipswich with its snotty, sticky strong features. It was a place where he felt indiferent.

He was an able to think, worthy of processing, bleach drinker with musty tendrils and oppressive nostrils. His friends saw him as a powerless, powerful post man. Once, he had even jumped into a river and saved a smooth vulnerabile creature. That's the sort of man he was.

Person 1 walked over to the window and reflected on his obviously there surroundings. The overcast teased like running imaginary friends.

Then he saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Person 2 . Person 2 was a dreamy unreasonable with wagging tendrils and cooky nostrils.

Person 1 gulped. He was not prepared for Person 2.

As Person 1 stepped outside and Person 2 came closer, he could see the melted glint in her eye.

Person 2 gazed with the affection of 2497 wide joyous joe's. She said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want closure."

Person 1 looked back, even more satisfied and still fingering the confirmed to be there memory bank. "Person 2, I will tell you what you're looking for," he replied.

They looked at each other with perplexed feelings, like two ancient, average ameba pushing at a very imaginative gathering, which had aphex twin-style music music playing in the background and two wholesome uncles dragging to the beat.

Person 1 regarded Person 2's wagging tendrils and cooky nostrils. "I feel the same way!" revealed Person 1 with a delighted grin.

Person 2 looked wondering, her emotions blushing like a pong, panicky processor.

Then Person 2 came inside for a nice drink of bleach.

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