posted in FBRC2011 on Sep 02, 2011
this is my track. i have never played Smash TV before, so i don't know anything about the game, but i thought the track turned out pretty decent. the original track is called 'Circuit 1'.

the name comes from how i did the solo - i basically facerolled on my keyboard, and then put it in the right key.

clocked in at just over 2:15 for total time to completion. faster than last year =)

pretty easy

posted in FBRC2010 on Aug 17, 2010
lots of people complained about people not finishing their remix. lots of other people complained that their remix was hard. mine was pretty easy.

never played the game, so i don't have any witty rhetoric to tie this into that, so i'll just say that this is attempt number four at the song. i tried a salsa track, an electro-pop thing, and a vocal thing, and they were terrible. this was a little less bad, so i ran with it. it's a funky kind of track, with string bass, some keyboards, bells, and a synth lead. mastering's not too great, but i've got a bit of an ear thing going on.

thanks to oa for requesting this song. time to listen to some more ragnarok online, since this is awesome =)

total time for this remix, from attempt 1 to this, was a touch over three hours.

No Higher

posted in FBRC2008 on Mar 11, 2008
what the hell...i'm not going to be able to record vocals any time soon, so here's what i've got. it's a rock mix of both Live-a-Live's "The Bird Flies in the Sky, The Fish Swims in the River" and Mega Man X3's "Toxic Seahorse". i don't really develop either of them, since i didn't really have any time to do this and threw it together in three hours. i'm eventually going to record me singing over it, but i have no idea what those words are, so you don't get one.

eventually i'll finish this, but for now i'm just too short on time.

Game: Live-a-Live, Mega Man X3
Song: TBFitS, TFSitR and Toxic Seahorse
Requested by: ramasauce and Irregular