posted in PRC258 on Nov 26, 2013
Hey guys I am back :D

Always I try something different, this time very very club and housey, but always keep my chiptunes on the mix :D I had some help in this song too, it's a secret! maybe not too secret XD

I hope is good for you guys.

Stealthing Predators

posted in PRC193 on May 09, 2011
Hello I'm back with new song.

This one is dark and more trance than any other of my entries but still with a little chiptune of my preference. I felt like doing some aggressive sound in trance. Enjoy!.

Empire of Sorrow

posted in PRC182 on Nov 18, 2010
I am back! long time I was away :)

This track I wanted to be dark, wanted to experiment something different as always. But it ended dark, then a little happy, then a bit dark again. A loooot of effects too!

I hope you can enjoy it anyways, be the judge!

Oh and this is Gestahl's Empire from Final Fantasy 6!

Race to the Finish

posted in PRC169 on Apr 29, 2010
Hello, I made this song in a slightly different style to what I usually do, I much interplay with the tempo.

Imagine mario racing to the finish goal :)

Die mechanisierte

posted in PRC167 on Mar 29, 2010
Thanks to remixer sirnuts for showing me awesome spacedance musik today from this I took the inspiration to write this song! As you all know, I love this stuff, retro electro, etc.

Squared Black Hole

posted in PRC158 on Nov 26, 2009
Hey it's me again.

I choose the lifeforce song to remix. I slowed it down, and used my usual style on it, if the listener has heard metropolis or spacelab songs from kraftwerk will notice heavy influence there :).

Besides the influence I used my squarewave sounds mostly (I love them!). Almost sounds like an 8bit soundtrack in some parts i think!. The idea was to make the intro sound like the spaceship is coming out from a black hole :), and make the rest of the song sound space-like.

It's short, and I wish i had more time but the result is fair. Enjoy!

Forging Electrons

posted in PRC154 on Oct 03, 2009
This is less of a song, and more like me trying a lot of stuff and experiments with very simple samples. There still there some remixing in this, so I hope its enjoyable for some.

Assimilate me

posted in PRC149 on Jun 21, 2009
Greetings, I am back :)

I liked the source, it was short and nice, I needed something short to do because I am a little short in time lately.

This is a song about somebody who, contrary to most of the people in half-life, just want to be assimilated by the system XD. I know, its silly, this kind of music is supposed to have silly themes and lyrics too.

I wanted to try some new stuff using a speech generator and vocoding to make my usual electro but with a little something different. Reminds me of some of my favorite electro producers :O

I had fun doing it, I hope everyone has fun listening too.


posted in PRC140 on Feb 16, 2009
I chose the Star Control song for my remix. I like faxanadu a lot but the song was a bit complicated and I had not much time for this.

This is my most rushed entry so far for PRC, I had only a couple of hours to do it because I won't be able to mix the next days, so I had some ideas but I was kind of clueless after the first half.

Anyways this is yet another electro remix from me but this one is much less chiptuney and feels more aggressive and breakbeat-ish. I just wish I had more time to develop it. I hope you all enjoy it regardless.

AI Takeover

posted in PRC138 on Jan 20, 2009
Hello, it's me again.

I mixed this in my usual style, electro + chiptune. This one is heavier on effects and automation, practically everything has some heavy manipulation at one point or another. I wanted to give it a more future synthpop feel as well, while retaining that retro-kraftwerkesque tone.

My endings are still pretty bad but still I hope you enjoy this.


posted in PRC124 on Jul 05, 2008
Well I'm back to PRC!
I remixed this one in a hurry, but at least i could complete the idea I had in mind; and that is, to combine the electro/chiptune I love so much with a little bit of trance. For this, I got some help and advice from some of the veterans around OCR, thanks for that!

This one isn't as refined as my last entry, because I had less time to concentrate on the details (and mastering) so this might be a step down from my last entry, but I assure you its a fun one, or at least to me :).

Pixelated Tales

posted in PRC119 on Apr 29, 2008
Well I decided I should remix this song, but I should make it a challenge too, so I limited myself to create all the sounds in this song using only raw squarewaves. Of course, I applied all sorts of effects and stuff to them, and in the end, it turned out to be very fun and I really enjoy the results. Even some of the drums are made out of a raw squarewave. (also, no drumloops)

I did this in some kind of electro/8-bit style, with a heavy influence from my favorite electronic music band EVER: Kraftwerk. The nods are very apparent in there, but I also borrowed elements from some of my favorite old school electro producers, like Model 500.

Anyways enough with the explanations, just enjoy this little voyage into old school sounds :).
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