posted in ORC122 on Aug 09, 2009
Okay, here's my entry then. Warning, it's a little crazy; I guess I'm just a sucker for the Chiptune/Eletronica style. Oh yeah, the chord sequence is a bit, well, predictable me really, but that's because the source was just gagging for it with those opening chords! I mean really- it couldn't've gone any other way!

I tried to pull off some typical Willrock synth soloing too, so really this is a bit of a remix of his style in mine.

And finally, whoever guesses the origin of all the SFX wins! ^o^


posted in ORC121 on Jul 17, 2009
(*grins* Hope my Japanese is correct!) I think I was a bit too liberal here, however all of the source is in there somewhere, with different chords 'n' whatnot. Was fun to make anyhow. Hope y'like it. ^__^
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ORC123 Sep 26, 2009
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