Raining In Alaska

posted in OHC137 on May 26, 2011
OH YEAH! It's been a long time since I have participated in an OHC, and I had completely forgotten about it tonight until about 9:45, so I decided to make a short, crappy little piece just to get my foot back in the door.

It's about RAINING in ALASKA! AKA snow.

Ancient Futures

posted in FBRC2010 on Aug 21, 2010
NieR - Song of the Ancients ~ Devola (Recurring theme, Popola), Requested by Brandon Strader

Well, I'm obviously not the most polished musician around here, but I'm glad I have a "finished" product here for once, even if it isn't completely done. It's always good getting practice in. One day, I will get better!

Hope you enjoy it, Brandon!

Morning, No Warning

posted in OHC094 on Jul 22, 2010
There's a war happening, and your country is involved. But for the past several months, the war has been waged on foreign lands. Waking up one morning, you discover that the battle has been taken to your home soil.

The future is uncertain, but now, it's time to wake up and help win the war.

Under the Avalanche

posted in OHC091 on Jul 01, 2010
A bunch of snow fell on me from that mountain over there, so now I can't move. Seems like hypothermia is settling in... what will happen to me?? I don't get reception in Canada!

Higher Lows

posted in OHC088 on Jun 10, 2010
Yeah, I was copin' until they gave me the uppers. I got too excited so they made me take the downers. All's I know is, I don't know what to feel.

The Perpetual Party

posted in OHC087 on Jun 03, 2010
Yeah, the party's right past the pearly gates. But the bouncer will kick your ass straight down to hell if you so much as tussle another angel's wing.


posted in OHC063 on Dec 03, 2009
This has been done during my final astronomy class tonight! So this was another deaf composition. Hopefully it paves the story of an innocent creature painted as a monster by the people it meets...

Throbbing of the Night

posted in OHC054 on Sep 24, 2009
My night life is apparently so busy! And frantic!

(Done half-deaf during my astronomy class -- had some time to listen to what I had and fix [AKA copy and paste] a lot of patterns during a break in class)

Celestian Bodies

posted in OHC052 on Sep 10, 2009
Okay, so pondering space makes me nostalgic... or maybe screwing around in class makes me nostalgic? I actually just made this during my astronomy class (which ends at 10pm and is taught by someone who blabbers and doesn't speak English very well) and have not listened to it yet... so I'll probably be listening to this for the first time during the listening party. This is probably terrible.
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