Undead Forest

posted in PRC283 on Nov 10, 2014
Tracked on an MSX turbo R in Moonblaster Wave for Moonsound. The 24 channels gave me some overview while giving my own twist to this tune...
When this raw cover was done, each channel got transferred one by one to Moonblaster 1.4 for MSX-Music... A MIDI-PAC transferred each of those channels to my Roland Fantom XR and Roland JV1080 + Vocal Board.
For the first time ever I - being a novice - grabbed the bass guitar to play the bass manually...
All got mixed in Sony Vegas.

Illusion City Theme 1

posted in PRC282 on Oct 22, 2014
Registered because Grauw and Jorito pointed me to this compo... There needs to be MSX music around. Below is the description I just posted on youtube:

My entry for Overclocked Remix's compo challenge to make a cover of Micro Cabin's Illusion City Theme 2...
Rearranged on the usual unorthodex way:
- Tracked on an MSX turbo R
- Recorded each channel from a OneChipMSX through a Roland Fantom XR / Roland JV1080 plus vocal board to my PC.
- Mixed it in Vegas 6

And really, the false note is not an accident, it's in the orriginal as well... (ps, I removed the false note and reuploaded the mp3, the link below still has Micro Cabin's oops moment which I bluntly copied)

Here's a youtube link to the track



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