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posted in OHC080 on Apr 15, 2010
From the perspective of a mannequin in a goth/industrial store, I suppose. Started over 35 minutes in, first attempt at industrial.

Look at me, look at me, look at the clothes that I'm wearing
Look at the fashion that I set, look at my figure (so endearing!)
Take a peek, take a glance, at my perfect shirt and pants
Screaming "gimme gimme gimme" as your finality chant

Look at me, look at me, 'cause I'm looking back
Seeing you go through until you find the right size on the rack
Staring through the glass, examine my style, make sure it matches
What an embarrassment it would be if it were sold in batches

Look at me, look at me, I am posed so proudly
Quirk in my leg, one foot forward, as I'm smiling soundly
Arm in the air, smirk in my stare, I am a plastic picture
You could only hope to have my tapered, figure