Shinobi <3

posted in MnP55 on Jun 01, 2016
So I just took the midi file.. basically it, some of it was wrong but really minor adjustments (I cou;dn't figure out why there were so many hi hat triggers.??
Anyway, no arp muahahaha because LAZY enjoy and leave me feedback when you get a chance thanks!

Gerudo Trap

posted in PRC316 on Feb 22, 2016
It's trap. And man is it harder than I even expected the style to be. Things always sound so much better in our heads huh. Leave feedback for me so I can keep learning and improving thanks!
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MnP55 Jun 15, 2016
PRC322 May 17, 2016
MnP51 Mar 30, 2016
PRC318 Mar 21, 2016