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I wanted to write a rap for a couple of characters from a YouTube series I made with my friends. I already had intentions of making this but it fits the theme so perfectly I couldn't resist putting it together and submitting it for this.
Here's the episode it appears in.

Yo, Golden Gram spit it for as long as you admit that all the crimes that Ive committed are goin down in the books
Theres a very fine line between yours and all mine. So I think its high time you question if youre a crook.
They say that chaos is a ladder, if youre bad then Im badder. Dont get mad, you dont matter and you never did see
Youre a wannabe, a phony, your homeless guy is no crony and you can kiss your janitor goodbye cause he belongs to ME
Oh you didnt hear the news? Bitch I got gold shoes. And I got a whole crew at the flick of my wrist.
So I offer you this: a swift kiss of my fist. What you got to say to that you fat, pathetic bossbitch?

Ok.. youre rhymes are all wack. Your personas old hat. You think that I cant write a rap? Well youre wrong about that.
Im taking over Black Cat. Larry, you best watch your back. Theyre gonna charge me with manslaughter after I murder this track.
Youre gonna wish you were dead after I rip out your dreads or Ill just snatch off that wig, its not attached to your head.
Oh and as for your crew, they dont even like you. I couldnt think of how to end this so *mumbles*

Uh? Is that your big rebuttal? You trailed off and didnt rhyme.

Well I could have thought of something if I just had the time.

Man that sums you up perfectly. You cant think on the spot. Now whered I put my gun cause youre about to get shot!

You mean this gun right here? Oh? You cant find the words? Does your vocabulary fail you? You big golden NERD!

Ok you bested me this time! But Jon youre my brother. Why we always gotta be, like, fucking fighting with each other.

Oh dont pull that on me. You started this first! God damnit how the hell does this gun even work?

You just pull back the hammer and.. no thats the trigger. Jesus Christ, Jon you are one stupid-

Wooooah. Easy there. That was about to get rough. You should quit while youre ahead youve appropriated enough.

Ok, Ill give you that one. Man, this song is a jam. So how should we end it?

Man, I dont know..

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