posted in OHC212 on Nov 01, 2012
So yeah, I had this awesome picture of an aerial fly-by of an ancient cave, leading to a great dark door.

The door opens, and motes of blue light float into the cave, falling upon runed tiles and activating the ancient doomsday spell of meteor.

At that point, the writing team of FF7 tackled me to the ground, deleted the middle 2 minutes of my entry and sued me for everything I had. Enjoy the uhhh entry with an abrupt end of the world.

Madness in my head.

posted in OHC208 on Oct 04, 2012
When I think shipwrecked, I think descent into madness, due to the complete lack of social interaction. Who better to play you some glitchy drums than that imaginary man on the inside of your skull!

Called by any other name.

posted in OHC200 on Aug 09, 2012
Mostly just random things that I fiddled with...

The idea I had was that with enough pressure from outside sources, even the noblest of heroes will begin to crack and question themselves... Were they really the beacon of light they thought they were? Are the cries of the townsfolk against you justified? How much blood did you shed in your quest for justice, and how many did you actually save?

Passing the Baton...

posted in OHC191 on Jun 07, 2012
You used to build up all my dreams,
Those bitter, broken, shattered things.
You took them, and made them wings,
So I could fly away, somewhere free.
You turned with a smile,
,said, "I'll be there in a short while,"
But you never were that good at telling lies.

I tried to hide my surprise,
But the tears flowed freely from my eyes.
The blade how it shone,
as it cleaved flesh from bone.
And now you never
Will come home.....

But, I will carry on.
This, sad, tired song.
I'm wicked, and depraved,
Why didn't some other soul be saved.
For I do not deserve this throne.

I took your banner, held it high,
To Let my hopes alight the sky.
So maybe, someday, when I finally die,
The stories will tell of how I shone.

Made this on my new mic... first time doing vocal recording in my room at tech school! (I apologize for the crappy quality on improv...)

Abstract Piano Entry #28416478

posted in OHC189 on May 24, 2012
Yes, I am a pianist!


FL Studio... Is fun... first time using it!
(Who needs a manual when I can roll my face on the keyboard!)

Glad to be back outta boot camp!

Racing Electric Bees

posted in OHC185 on Apr 26, 2012
Back after 9 weeks.... with another abominably short entry....

Had something building up... but then those damn electric bees came in and shredded me to pieces.... :(.

Something Or Other... Dark Hero?

posted in OHC173 on Feb 02, 2012
Deep Chopin influence on this, no real idea... just pure feeling or something.... finally a week to put my dark-master-mind feel to work I guess :P.

Also, 3 seperate synths... Because I'm too pro to figure out how to automate them in LMMS.




posted in OHC172 on Jan 26, 2012
30 Minutes to make as many sensible progressions as possible without using my actual piano as a reference. Not so much an actual entry as a study in my own technique, but hey, I did it, so here is the trash :D
Made in the style of a nocturne. The depiction of Icarus' fall.

This is my last OHC for a while, as I am going into basic training in 2 weeks and won't be around next week :(. So Please, enjoy this bit of piano, which is where I probably belong ><, and I hope to see you all again soon!

(On an off-note, I will probably be fiddling with this piece quite a bit in the following few days, hit me up for an update maybe if you like it... :P)

FZFZFZ/ Drums Running

posted in OHC170 on Jan 12, 2012
This is my first time adding drums to a song... So I took a shower... and came back with 30 minutes to make this ><. 25 measures hoo boy, That's about 7 times longer than my last entry!
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