posted in OHC718 on Jul 14, 2022

Forgive the title. I'm not happy about it either! Today's process felt kinda meandering. Wanna come next week with some interesting harmonic ideas so I'm not shooting from the hip there.


posted in OHC713 on Jun 09, 2022

Still working on my workflow. Probably should have just shrunk this down into a tighter piece, but I'm happy with some of the sounds I was able to get today.

By Ember's Light

posted in OHC711 on May 26, 2022
Simple start here (first submission). Been wanting to do this for a while and I'm elated that I got it down and out. Simple instrumentation because I'm just learning Reaper. I started with just sounds of campfire, then the 808 beat, and then just improv from there.
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