Etrove coop

posted in 2HTS362 on Mar 07, 2021

It goes wob wob with fat ass bass. Basses are from etrove, did some mixing and supersawed the fuck out of it all. Cheers!

Fading Lover

posted in 2HTS359 on Feb 14, 2021

Experimented with creating EDM within the timelimit, and tried to be really fucking fast. The song took some inspiration from Geoxor, and I though about a relationship where you think it will be fantastic but it turns out it is hell. Like in the video.


posted in 2HTS357 on Jan 31, 2021

I was going for something sciency, with maybe a growl or two, but I just ended up with this. Hope you like it!


posted in 2HTS356 on Jan 24, 2021

I thought of the tides passing by your ears, hence the panning effect in the song. That's also the reason why I have the wierd panning riser / whatever in the beginning and the end. Otherwise, I had no fucking clue what I were doing. Cheers!

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