357th 2HourTrackSundays Event (2HTS357)

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Feb 01, 2021 Jose
  1. Nuclieyeballs
  2. White Blood Cells
  3. Spermo the Mighty Traveller
@TheVideoGamer I like your beats, may you could add some voice or lead (may some flute) or more variation/brake, but I like it, i could imagine me to dancing on this track in the club

@fixyourlevels AWESOME start, nice liquid transition to drop (I could imagine heavier drop), nice beats, I like it

@nukage MASTERPIECE, hear some voice in the middle could nice fit in (for ex. like in the end of song)

@UrinalPooper I like a guitar, I like original idea, joke in the end :D , well mixed, lyrics.

@bicycleday1 another good song, (please add lyrics to description next time for me :) ), i like chill vibe, guitar solo, your voice, everything

@ Hizuvi nice, progressive, (ad some voice (lyrics about pain, love ect.) and you are going to be famous), you are really talented.

@gercr nice intro :), I could imagine something powerfull like Hanz Zimmer

@Freyja Original, nice lyrics, nice voice, (I don't know if is it good way but I am using a lot of reverb :D and EQ on instruments), but your song is soo much bether then mine, soo I guest just keep trying :)

@antik Interesting industrial beats I LOVE IT , I am missing some main melody (some longer notes, trumpet or theremin or something could be nice) , I like bassline

@barberousse I don't know what is it about but I like it :D

@Vaiaphraim nice melody, some parts are too much distorted, soo like whole song and love some parts

@NickC I like idea, beats, bass too, but there is no brake of bass soo it' strange and same almost whole song.

@ LittleNoodle like instruments you used

@ timv good song, may second drop could be nice (1:08 there is space for break )

@Sunny Says (please add lyrics to description next time for me :) )
Feb 01, 2021 Hizuvi
  1. Y
  2. cellplexion
  3. White Blood Cells
Y just stood out from the rest being all calm and ambient.
Cellplexion had fucking cool bass, I would have like to hear it in a full track, but it's a really cool experiment.
WBC is really cool, I have no clue how you manage to make a full on edm track in two hours.