Creepy Castle U. Fight Song

posted in PRC415 on Oct 05, 2020

Whats a ridiculous genre that I haven't covered? College Fight Songs (Is that even a genre?) and I arranged Creepy Castle into one. Its an instrumental only because I couldn't be buggered to create lyrics but if there were it would be about how they don't have a sports team. Higher education through poorly ventilated dungeons. Can't beat it.


So General Grunt is my puppet dictator character. My whole series is a satire of the cold war so Double Agent seemed to fit the motif. I went with solo piano and an old record effect for that old timy feel. General Grunt hates anime (I mean, he hate everything but Anime is on the top) But I never really went into why. So I used the theme of a double agent trying to assassinate him. I write the entire thing in about 45 minutes, and the song took around 35 minutes. Then I mixed it to the best of my ability. Boris Stomackczek makes an appearance too and the idea is that he's playing this little ditty on his piano. I voiced everything too! Enjoy this insane thing that spawned out of my brain.

Crocodile Kids Song Instrumental

posted in PRC406 on Apr 06, 2020

Entry by General Grunt, uploaded by Bundeslang.


Okay so this is my first time entering but I'm a huge K. Rool fan. Crocodile Cacophony is one of my favorite boss themes, and I wanted to put a unique spin on it. I took the normally menacing sounding theme, and arranged it into a major key kids song sung by Klump. I did the voices myself (paying homage to the DKC TV show if anyone aside from me remembers that)


The inspiration is two fold: What if K. rool himself is trying to enter this competition (Overconfident that he'll win regardless because thats totally within his character), and the fact that every C in the Kremling's vocabulary is replaced with a K.


HOPEFULLY I didn't arrange it too much. I can tell what it is but I don't know if its because I've listened to it so many times.

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