This is an excerpt from ""Madotsuki's Music Box Vol.1: A Collection of Soundscapes & Ambient Works" which collections many of the more chilled or soundarty type things I've been working on - many of which you've heard me put together for previous compos, but with some new unheard tracks. I believe this is one of them so enjoy! My other track from tonight should also be touched up a bit for it.

~ Roseweave ~

That Other World

posted in OHC240 on May 16, 2013
In another world, where nature has taken over, and civilisation is being rebuilt much more... the fae reveal their existence to the surviving humans...

Monsquaz Swap Album!!

posted in OHC175 on Feb 16, 2012

A collaboration by regulars of #monsquaz. Some seriously cockin' choon.

Our main man Deven Gallo is currently out of a home due to the recession, so any proceeds from the album will be going straight to him. Please throw even $2 or $3, Deven is a long time friend of #monsquaz and lead to a lot of the humour you see today. He is also working on an exciting independant game, so please support your indie developers.

Secret Inside the Ice Level

posted in OHC164 on Dec 01, 2011
You've plowed through the snow, slid on the ice... you've fallen off cliffs... and now you've dug your way into a secret cave, with a mystical shrine... all the game's secrets are laid bare in front of you. You are the Penis Master incarnate.
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