Original Remix Competition (ORC)

The ORC was started as a sister competition to PRC. It initially ran with the same rules, the only difference being that the contestants remixed an original piece made by a person on OCR. The first source tune was made by ReactorZ0 to start the competition. From there, whoever won the competition would choose an original tune he/she made to be the source for the next competition. Voting is done by the general public.

Organizer: Doulifee

Most Recent Rounds


Sweet Contemplation (ORC140) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 4/3/11
Gario wrote
Sweet Contemplation. I nice calm song from me for a change. Sorry about some of the note cutoffs - it's an old MIDI and I don't have the proper programs to fix it. It's not too bad, though.

Enjoying some sweet contemplation during those sunny spring day and start ot mix!
Start: on 4/2/11
Deadline: on 4/24/11
Voting: on 4/30/11

Caesura te salutant (ORC139) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 3/1/11
hopefully we managed a better round last february, so here a new month for all of you, march!
Start: on 3/1/11
Deadline: on 3/20/11
Voting: on 3/27/11

Extra Edition (ORC138) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 2/1/11
Last month people were too busy drinking at magfest to send something to ORC, so february is an extra edition. So we end up with 2 MIDI, you can remix one of them or both.[/COLOR]

Thanks to Gario for helping me keeping ocr running btw.
Start: on 2/1/11
Deadline: on 2/25/11
Voting: on 2/28/11

Acacia Street (ORC137) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 1/4/11
Welcome to 2011 and happy new year to all of you.
Enjoy this new month of january with Gario's Acacia street.

Good luck all.
Start: on 1/1/11
Deadline: on 1/24/11
Voting: on 1/30/11

Axiom (ORC136) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 10/31/10
Jerry Terry our previous winner sent us an axiom to remix. So grab your euclide C-finder and go (i'm playing too much Fallout new vegas lately so you'll understand if you play the game too)

anyway good luck with november ORC
Start: on 11/1/10
Deadline: on 11/21/10
Voting: on 11/28/10

Inert connections (ORC135) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 10/1/10
Our last month default winner entry.

New blood in ORC, so i expect mixes for this contest
Start: on 10/1/10
Deadline: on 10/24/10
Voting: on 10/31/10

A Reasonnable Contingency (ORC134) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 9/1/10
Jerry Terry was the previous Winner so this is his original work for this round, "a Reasonnable Contingency"
Start: on 9/1/10
Deadline: on 9/19/10
Voting: on 9/26/10

Rockin ! (ORC133) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 8/3/10
Last competition end up with a draw, so Divine Wrath was allowed to send me another tune for this month.

this is his Rockin tune.

Good luck to all
Start: on 8/1/10
Deadline: on 8/22/10
Voting: on 8/29/10

Sacharine over the clouds (ORC132) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 7/3/10
At last, yes we are (no I AM ) a bit late to start this ORC.

Nase wrote:

i chose a tune from a failed game project that was meant to be in midi format. i made my own soundbank for it though, which had to total at around 2 mb. it's just meant as a fun bonus, but if anyone can make good use of the original samples in his mix, that'd be pretty entertaining.

the tune has kind of a flying above the clouds and lazily munching away at rainbows feel to it. quite relaxed but still ridiculously saccharine.
the midi isn't perfect, the pitch automation was screwed up and i couldnt be arsed to reprogram it all perfectly.

Start: on 7/1/10
Deadline: on 7/18/10
Voting: on 7/25/10

A sweet lullaby. (ORC131) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 6/1/10
New tune provided by our fellow Analoq, don't fall asleep.

Analoq wrote:
With the assistance of ORC denizens I have chosen my source material: As promised it is a lullaby sequenced with Cakewalk in 1998, originally composed in 1996. In '98 my soundcard was the awesome Gravis Ultrasound which apparently had a much quieter vox patch - when I listen to this now the background chords are burying the melody. Oh well, I think ORC folks can do something with it... I think this was inspired by the lullaby at the end of SMB2, so it's certainly video gamey.
Start: on 6/1/10
Deadline: on 6/20/10
Voting: on 6/27/10

The beginning... (ORC130) 

posted in Original Remix Competition on 5/1/10
Just64 was last month winner so this is his track 'The beginning', the opening song of his album "The man's ear"
Start: on 5/1/10
Deadline: on 5/16/10
Voting: on 5/23/10

All Rounds (28)

Name Start Date Dateline Voting Ends
ORC140 - Sweet Contemplation on 4/2/11 on 4/24/11 on 4/30/11
ORC139 - Caesura te salutant on 3/1/11 on 3/20/11 on 3/27/11
ORC138 - Extra Edition on 2/1/11 on 2/25/11 on 2/28/11
ORC137 - Acacia Street on 1/1/11 on 1/24/11 on 1/30/11
ORC136 - Axiom on 11/1/10 on 11/21/10 on 11/28/10
ORC135 - Inert connections on 10/1/10 on 10/24/10 on 10/31/10
ORC134 - A Reasonnable Contingency on 9/1/10 on 9/19/10 on 9/26/10
ORC133 - Rockin ! on 8/1/10 on 8/22/10 on 8/29/10
ORC132 - Sacharine over the clouds on 7/1/10 on 7/18/10 on 7/25/10
ORC131 - A sweet lullaby. on 6/1/10 on 6/20/10 on 6/27/10
ORC130 - The beginning... on 5/1/10 on 5/16/10 on 5/23/10
ORC129 - In the shadow, hope. on 4/1/10 on 4/18/10 on 4/25/10
ORC128 - Another Anon mix on 3/1/10 on 3/21/10 on 3/28/10
ORC127 - There, is this good enoug on 2/1/10 on 2/14/10 on 2/21/10
ORC126 - String quartet on 1/1/10 on 1/20/10 on 1/27/10
ORC125 - back on schedule ! on 11/1/09 on 11/22/09 on 11/29/09
ORC124 - The sun is fading - Hallo on 10/1/09 on 10/18/09 on 10/25/09
ORC123 - Fruit of the Loop on 9/1/09 on 9/20/09 on 9/27/09
ORC122 - we willrock you on 8/1/09 on 8/16/09 on 8/23/09
ORC121 - Who am I? on 7/1/09 on 7/19/09 on 7/26/09
ORC120 - into an another world on 6/1/09 on 6/21/09 on 6/28/09
ORC119 - ORC 119 - The Twilight on 5/1/09 on 5/17/09 on 5/24/09
ORC118 - Magma Palace on 4/1/09 on 4/19/09 on 4/26/09
ORC117 - Clash of the titans on 3/1/09 on 3/22/09 on 3/29/09
ORC106 - Anxious heart on 6/18/07 on 6/27/07 on 6/30/07
ORC105 - Open Road on 6/3/07 on 6/10/07 on 6/13/07
ORC104 - Marimba Valley on 5/18/07 on 5/25/07 on 5/28/07
ORC103 - Not The Last Starfighter on 4/27/07 on 5/4/07 on 5/7/07