2-Hour Dynamic Compo (2DC)

Basically, this is a random compo that happens whenever the mood strikes. It's thematic, so yes, there is a theme. However, once in a while, we'll mix it up with some Free For All action, or some pre-determined sample pack of some type. The main purpose, of course, is to skill up. That's always the purpose of compoing.

Organizer: Dyne

Most Recent Rounds


SAGE 2011 Composition Contest (2DCSAGE) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 9/18/11
SAGE 2011 Level Music Competition - Factory Zone - In collaboration with Dr. Robotnik Enterprises we have decided that our takeover needed a fitting theme. Your goal is to make a song suitable of a Sonic the Hedgehog game in a mechanical\factory trope. Entries are due by September 23rd at 11:59PM EST and there will be a listening party\results show Saturday September 24th at 7PM EST.

SAGE, or the Sonic Amateur Games Expo, is a virtual event that takes place at http://www.sagexpo.org/ September 18th - 24th. In collaboration with ThaSauce we are running a a composition contest for those aspiring game music guys out there.

If you need to create an account or are having log in issues, please log in at http://forums.thasauce.net.
Start: on 9/18/11
Deadline: on 9/23/11
Voting: on 9/25/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 15 (2DC015) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 5/19/11
Tonight's theme is: "Metal Dragons of the Apocalypse That Never Was"!

Drawing from multiple themes, tonight's compo should come as no surprise, as it takes place during a SUPPOSED apocalypse. Anyway, mount up your drake, crack the whip, and ride this baby all the way to music heaven!

Start: on 5/21/11
Deadline: on 5/21/11
Voting: on 5/28/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 14 (2DC014) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 4/30/11
The Playstation Network has crashed and burned. Gamers are up in arms. And all you've got left is cake.

Bake us up some tasty tracks of epic win. You, are the cake. Time to eat up, or shut up.

Theme is: CAKE
Start: on 4/30/11
Deadline: on 4/30/11
Voting: on 5/7/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 13 (2DC013) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 4/16/11
Tonight's theme: Song of Storms

No, we're not talking Zelda here. A thunderstorm rages outside, winds sheering trees in half, rain falling sideways.

You ARE the storm. Let's hear you howl with rage!
Start: on 4/16/11
Deadline: on 4/16/11
Voting: on 4/23/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 12 (2DC012) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 4/9/11
A fire is blazing. Do you put it out? Does it endanger you... or does it come from within?
Start: on 4/9/11
Deadline: on 4/9/11
Voting: on 4/16/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 11 (2DC011) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 3/19/11
You are all alone in the house. Are you lonely or do you like it that way?
Start: on 3/19/11
Deadline: on 3/19/11
Voting: on 3/26/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 10 (2DC010) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 3/12/11
Pitch black.

You have 2 hours. Go!
Start: on 3/12/11
Deadline: on 3/12/11
Voting: on 3/19/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 9 (2DC009) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 2/27/11
You've heard of Angry Birds? How about ANGRY LLAMAS! Watch out for the spit!

Oh yeah, and you're riding this one down a mountain, being chased by hot lava, while trying to solve for pi.

Good luck.
Start: on 3/5/11
Deadline: on 3/5/11
Voting: on 3/12/11

2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 8 (2DC008) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 2/26/11
Generic video game themes GO! Choose one and write a theme:

- Mystic forest
- Coral reef
- Snow village
- Ruined city

In your description, state which area you chose. You have 2 hours. GO!
Start: on 2/26/11
Deadline: on 2/26/11
Voting: on 3/5/11

Cheez-It (2DC007) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 2/15/11
You've tried the rest, now try the best. You're hungry for a box of Cheez-Its, embark on your journey in musical style, with flash and flare.

You've got two hours to compose and refine your mix and upload it.
Start: on 2/19/11
Deadline: on 2/19/11
Voting: on 2/26/11

The Chemicals Between (2DC006) 

posted in 2-Hour Dynamic Compo on 4/27/10
In ages passed, before science there was alchemy. A dark and archaic pseudo-science which many used for good, and many more for evil. Turning lead into gold, the search for the Philosopher's Stone, and so much more.

Using your musical skills, create a mix of your own alchemy, with tonight's theme: "alchemist"!
Start: on 4/27/10
Deadline: on 4/27/10
Voting: on 5/4/10

All Rounds (16)

Name Start Date Dateline Voting Ends
2DCSAGE - SAGE 2011 Composition Contest on 9/18/11 on 9/23/11 on 9/25/11
2DC015 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 15 on 5/21/11 on 5/21/11 on 5/28/11
2DC014 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 14 on 4/30/11 on 4/30/11 on 5/7/11
2DC013 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 13 on 4/16/11 on 4/16/11 on 4/23/11
2DC012 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 12 on 4/9/11 on 4/9/11 on 4/16/11
2DC011 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 11 on 3/19/11 on 3/19/11 on 3/26/11
2DC010 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 10 on 3/12/11 on 3/12/11 on 3/19/11
2DC009 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 9 on 3/5/11 on 3/5/11 on 3/12/11
2DC008 - 2-Hour Dynamic Compo - Round 8 on 2/26/11 on 2/26/11 on 3/5/11
2DC007 - Cheez-It on 2/19/11 on 2/19/11 on 2/26/11
2DC006 - The Chemicals Between on 4/27/10 on 4/27/10 on 5/4/10
2DC005 - Crispity Crunchity Peanut on 4/13/10 on 4/13/10 on 4/27/10
2DC2DC004 - Famous Tuesday Hot Dogs on 3/30/10 on 3/30/10 on 4/6/10
2DC003 - The End of the World on 3/23/10 on 3/23/10 on 3/23/10
2DC002 - Compos R Us on 11/14/09 on 11/14/09 on 11/21/09
2DC001 - Baseball is Not The Theme on 4/17/09 on 4/17/09 on 4/25/09