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Sources (two this time):
Super Mario RPG - Monstro Town
Lifeforce - Stage 2

"I was pretty much decided on what source to choose as soon as I realized I needed to choose one .p I pick... Monstro Town from Super Mario RPG!

Youtube file:

I hope it's a good one and ppl like it ^_^; "

"I've chosen stage 2 from one of the greatest NES games: Life Force (or Salamander). This wonderful tune hasn't been remixed here yet, so it's definitely time now. Make me proud!

Youtube file:"

Note: A link to the NSF file from Lifeforce can be found here:

Deadline is Sunday 29 November, 10:59 AM ThaSauce Time.

  • Start: on 11/20/09
  • Deadline: on 11/29/09
  • Voting Ends: on 12/1/09


PRC158_Super Mario RPG - Monstro.mid
PRC158_Lifeforce - Stage 2.mid
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