FBRC2009 (FBRC2009)

Way back in 2002 a forum user name "I Like Cookies!" (now just Jeff), ran a 1-shot competition called the Freshly Baked ReMixer challenge. In the thread artists signed up and were assigned challenges posted by other forum users. This is how artists like myself, Suzumebachi, and GLL all got our starts. There were also some other impressive tracks by Disco Dan and a few others. Some time later the same user did the Second Annual FBRC which, while not as popular as the first one, still saw some solid success. Since the competition has long been forgotten by most, and seeing all the talent that's on OCReMix today, I think it's time we try a revival. The idea of the competition is for forum users to challenge remixers to remixes of songs/games they request. The remixer than has a predetermined amount of time to produce a remix of said material.

Song Requested: - Requested By: - Completed By:
Asterix - Egypt Theme - Bundeslang - SkummelMaske
Cave Story - Oppression - cobaltstarfire - RocketSniper
Banjo-Kazooie - Tooty's Theme - just64helpin - OA
The Hybrid Front - Moon/Mars: Sukarabe Fight 3 - Suzumebachi - diotrans
Sonic & Knuckles - Doomsday Zone - Demonstray - superjoe30
Space Station Silicon Valley - The Battery Farm - Fishy - bundeslang
Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga - Teehee Valley - Hylian Lemon - DjMokram
Phoenix Wright 1 - Gumshoe's Theme - Ramaniscence - Gario
Chocobo Theme - nonsensicalexis - Biznut
Gran Turismo - Moon Over Castle - KyleJCrb - LuketheXjesse
Princess Maker 2 - Battle - F4T4L - jmr
Starfox - Space Armada - RocketSniper - just64helpin
Mega Man 4 - Skull Man - Epitaph - ProjectSpam
Metroid Prime - Tallon Overworld 2 - Biznut - BronxRican
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia - A Clashing of Waves - F4T4L - Suzumebachi
Lunar 2 - Boss Battle - Biznut - Fishy
Wild ARMs 2 - A Journey - Suzumebachi - Demonstray
Chrono Cross - Cleft of Dimension - Starla - Moseph
Sparkster (SNES) - Level 1 - The Negative One - TheoryOfNonexistence
The Magic of Scheherazade - Past - F4T4L - DJ SymBiotiX
Start: on 8/11/09
Deadline: on 8/23/09
Voting Ends: None

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