PRC366 (PRC366)

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Feb 02, 2018 bundeslang
  1. I Never Saw it Coming
  2. Last Surprise (AxLR Remix)
  3. Last Mountains
AxLR - Mountains - Didn't expect something like this. The stuff on the background is a strange and noisy combination with the vocals but it works well.
AxLR - Surprise - This one is not noisy at all, the vocals are more well positioned. Liked the balance of the stuff in this song more.
PlanarianHugger - Really enjoyed the style, the trancy samples are doing nicely. Great way to use the source, especially the built-up from middle to last part.
Feb 02, 2018 PlanarianHugger
  1. Last Surprise (AxLR Remix)
  2. Last Mountains

Last Surprise (AxLR Remix) - Little loud and there is some weird out of place resonance sound on the beginning phrase. Nice use of the original vocals, they help out piece. Good job on making sounds by hand but it took me listening to the original before I noticed the changes you made.
Last Mountains - I enjoy multi source remixes and after listening to the Rayman source I think it works. My biggest issue with this is that the two songs sound mashed together without thought. Neither source has the room to show off their unique parts. Part of using two or more sources is giving each one it own space. This could mean using the bass line of one and the melody of the other or the trading off the harmonies or melodies. The best example of this not working is after the chorus where both sources have melody lines overlapping creating a muddled sound over all.
After that wall of text, TLDR I like the idea, just better execution.