Kirby Canvas Curse - Drawcia (PRC284)

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Nov 26, 2014 bundeslang
  1. La disonancia de Kirby
  2. The Sorceress's Pretentious Art Studio
  3. {Bonus} Brink of Despair
Gercr - This song is a bit confusing, but I like the speed variations which are at some parts. You managed to create a variating song without changing samples drasticly through the song.
FreakyT - I like the strings and other stuff in the background. The twist at 1:06 also works very well.
Supercoolmike - A violin introduction, but trancy from that part on with rocking drums and much other stuff.... there's lots of variation in this one. The part around 3:00 is amazing, nice how you get back to the source from that part on. Also a good ending.
Nov 27, 2014 FreakyT
  1. La disonancia de Kirby

gercr - Pretty cool intro, though I feel like it was building up to something but never quite got there.

supercoolmike (bonus) - I liked this one, especially the synthy outro section starting around 3:14. I think the addition of some electric guitar would make it even better.