Sonic + Star Ocean (PRC238)

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Feb 18, 2013 bundeslang
  1. Star Ocean 3 - No Notion of Time
  2. Mir
  3. Elevate
DrumJ8 - I like this interpretation. The `confusion parts' around the source are a nice addition. Ending comes in at a weird moment.
Sggod89 - This song sounds very complete, the vocals are a nice addition. Ending is a bit abrupt.
TrollingOrSerious - Another rocking song. I like that background bell (or whatever it is). It's a little too short.
Yami - It's great how you turned the boss battle into something that sounds more like a level song. It's variating well, I especially like the part around 1:46 and the ending.
Feb 19, 2013 sggod89
  1. Elevate
  2. Star Ocean 3 - No Notion of Time

Star Ocean 3 - No Notion of Time by Yami: Your part at 1:25 is the reason I made a second entry, "Oceano" :p Its so groovy, and it really stands out on your remix!This is a really easy remix to enjoy, oh and don't be afraid to crank the drums in the mix!

Elevate by DrumJ8: Love the groove in the bass and drums, makes me want to grab my geetar and play along! The part at :58ish is kinda trippy haha but it worked. There's nothing I don't love about this remix, great job!
Feb 19, 2013 DrumJ8
  1. Mir
  2. Star Ocean 3 - No Notion of Time
  3. Oceano
sggod89 - I like the dark, aggressive interpretation. The sound clip fits. I couldn't hear the vocals very clearly.

Yami - I like when the Bass comes in at around 00:43. The timing of some notes sound off, maybe work on finding a balance between sounding quantized and sounding natural. Drums became repetitive, maybe try some HH on some parts.

TrollingOrSerious - short but good minute. could easily be expanded into a lot more.