Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Ice Cap (PRC200)

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Aug 15, 2011 bundeslang
  1. It May Be Cold, But We'll Dance Till It's Warm
  2. Ice Cap Zone Rescue
  3. Ice Cap Smooth Jazz
    SubNormal J3
SubNormal J3 - Very nice things at the middle section of the song. Good piano playing. The song sounds very complete.
V____ - Interesting song. The source is not dominating the song (we have enough songs of Ice Cap already :P). Very funny kick, but there's not much variation in that.
Zerothemaster - Very good and funny start with that vocals. This is a very funny genre, didn't hear the Ice Cap in it before. Good creative use of the source, especially at 1:54.
Beckett007 - Good orchestral take on the source. Great use of the source as well, with a long ending.
Obtuse - I think already 1000 people tried to remix this source this way, but this is one of the better ones of those. The song misses variation, a big problem with this genre.

My votes:
1 - Zerothemaster
2 - Beckett007
3 - SubNormal J3
Aug 15, 2011 Zerothemaster
  1. Ice Cap Zone Rescue
  2. Ice Cap Disco
  3. Ice Cap Smooth Jazz
    SubNormal J3
I just lost the game. D:

Beckett, your mix is just so amazing.

Obtuse, I wanted to dance.

SubJ3, Yours was so calming.

As for V___... I really could NOT find the source in here. anywhere. oh well.

I'm not going to get a single vote, am I?
Aug 15, 2011 SubNormal J3
  1. Ice Cap Zone Rescue
  2. Ice Cap Disco
  3. It May Be Cold, But We'll Dance Till It's Warm
V___ 'Sonic KICK!!'
0:00 interesting soundscape, I can tell that you put time into the sound design
0:29 subtle bassline
0:45 building up the percussion with hats
1:00 short break and drop sounds good
1:17 by now, there are a few vocal samples
2:00 nice modulation on the vibe-xylophone sounds

It's a cool piece of music, but I can't hear the original source.

Zerothemaster 'It May Be Cold, But We'll Dance Till It's Warm'
0:00 starts off with a thick soundscape
0:20 i like the new bassline here
0:48 its very experimental
1:00 lots of cool interspersed samples
1:16 good job on the improv in the chorals
1:32 tempo change felt out of place
1:55 dubstep wobble could have had more depth in the modulation

An experimental take on the theme. There are some neat subtleties in it as well.

Obtuse'Ice Cap Disco'
0:00 cool effect and drum track. I like the hat and snare especially.
0:44 we get the melody entrance
1:00 some new harmonies
1:17 an interesting fm sounding synth bass
1:30 an arp
1:58 side-chained sweep
2:14 start of another buildup
2:30 this could have used a bigger drop
3:00 i preferred this bass sound to the others
3:19 fadeout

This definitely yields the disco vibe. It essentially, repeats while adding new instrumentation every eight or so bars. Fortunately, there are a few buildups to add to the dynamics. Good work.

beckett007 'Ice Cap Zone Rescue'
0:00 a cinematic opening gives a fresh take on the classic theme
0:33 the melodic part here is fitting
1:05 the vocals felt a little overbearing
1:37 nice cut, makes for a dynamic mix
1:55 subtle, but beautiful string melody
2:50 the ending closed the piece well

Overall, the piece sounds much like it is described: it is a cinematic take on the theme. It does this well. I would like to have heard a second loud section and more instrumentation. Regardless, this was a good track. Congrats.
Aug 15, 2011 Obtuse
  1. Ice Cap Zone Rescue
  2. Ice Cap Smooth Jazz
    SubNormal J3
  3. Sonic KICK!!
Aug 15, 2011 V___
  1. Ice Cap Zone Rescue
  2. It May Be Cold, But We'll Dance Till It's Warm
  3. Ice Cap Disco
beckett007 - Nice sounds and an interesting progression / structure. It didnt feel right as a MP3, should be part of an AMV. You get the biggest cookie and a handfull of choc chips
Obtuse - Started out so nice, but that cheesy lead made it less disco and more... anti-listenable :) Still, nice groove and style. Have a generic brand gingersnap.
Subnormal - I like jazz. That was not jazz. It got my hopes up and shattered them. While the song wasnt well produced it had a decent enough structure, and was semi jap-popish. You find: some crumbs
ZeroTheMaster - I was genuinely laughing for about 90% of this. It was great, very unique. Those samples were too too too much, in a excellent way. The speedup, and that dubstep bass... !! Have a lump of delicious cookie dough!
Aug 17, 2011 orlouge82
  1. Ice Cap Smooth Jazz
    SubNormal J3
  2. Ice Cap Disco
  3. Sonic KICK!!
Personal tastes. I also felt that "Ice Cap Smooth Jazz" was very well-done and the most enjoyable, so SubNormal J3, I wouldn't say that you aren't very good at mixing