Black Tiger - Stage 1 (PRC162)

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Jan 26, 2010 bundeslang
  1. Eye of the Black Tiger

JerryTerry - I like the 'trancey' take on this one. It has a slow (like the source) but nice built-up and the drums are good. I like the part around 1:45. After that some kicks comes in and I'm not a big fan of that, the song becomes a bit noisy. I like the part after that (starting around 2:15). I think the song 'falls dead' to many times (at 2:14 and also around 2:35). The built-up after 2:35 is slow, not much happends after that. The song misses an ending.
Nice take, very nice that you are trying some different genres in these contests (ORC, PRC).