Spidey/XMen - Spider-Man (PRC100)

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Oct 09, 2008 Rexy
  1. Uncanny Orchestra
  2. August
  3. Bad Bb Bricolage
I was meant to have compiled the votes here a long time ago. >.> Here's how everyone voted for this round!



1) August - great use of the soundfield and production on this piece. Also, it's a good adaptation into the genre.
2) Bad Bb Bricolage - Not a bad piece. I think it could've had better dynamics within each section of the song (song changes between sections, but stays pretty close to the same level within each section). It seems to lose focus towards the end with some off-tempo/sour notes and aimless progression.
3) Flashing Blue Bits - Creative, downgrading this from a SNES song to an NES-type chiptune. Personally, I've never been a huge fan of chiptune songs (except in the context of the game's OST), but I can respect the work adapting it into the 8-bit constraints.


First : Uncanny Orchestra
Second : August
Third : Bad Bb Bricolage

Okay, this was a tough choice. They were all great. (Except for Flashing Blue Bits, GOD that song was horrible)

Bad Bb Bricolage - A fine piano playing, but it sounded like you were making a lot of mistakes towards the end.

August - Awesome trance, but the reason it's not first is that it gets very repetitive after a while.

Uncanny Orchestra was the best sounding and the best arrangement of the four. Some of the samples were meh (the horns especially) but overall it didn't detract from the song. If anything is getting on Dirge, it's this song.


1. Uncanny Orchestra
2. August
3. Flashing Blue Bits

Hylian Lemon

1. Uncanny Orchestra - Great orchestra-y stuff. No complaints.

2. August - Really good-sounding trancey stuff (don't judge my lack of genre knowledge :P). A little repetitive, but cool.

3. Bad Bb Bricolage - Some...piano-y stuff (I'm not really a big fan of piano mixes, but whatever). Ending sounds a little sloppy, but I'm no expert at piano anyway. Part of beginning reminds me of the movie Premonition or The Forgotten or something. I like the arrangement.

4. Flashing Blue Bits - Some cool NES-y stuff or whatever. The arrangement wasn't as interesting here, but good stuff. Ending is a little weird.


1st: Bad Bb Bricolage
2nd: Uncanny Orchestra
3rd: Flashing Blue Bits


I'm just back from a week vacation.
I don't know what's going on, but when I came here I saw voting ends only in 25 minutes, after listening to the entries.
I don't see who did the songs and I didn't have the time to read the whole topic, so here we go.

1st - August
2nd - Uncanny Orchestra
3rd - Fashing Blue Bits
4th - Bab bb Bricolage

Short reaction.
I liked the trancy samples from August, the piano was nice, but misses variation. Fashing Blue Bits was a bit weird, but a bit strange. I liked the Uncanny Orchestra song, it was very nice.