Woah Zone - Paper Mario (MnP86)

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Jan 20, 2018 Dex
  1. Labyrinth of Woah
  2. Blast into the Whoa Zone Layer

Tough source material here. Kudos to everyone who took up this challenge!

Zorrahk - Really enjoyed the darker take on the source. I feel it works well, adding a new dimension and amplifying the mood of the source. I say that having only heard the source, not having played the game it's from.

Trism - This one is a bit confusing to me. I really liked the idea, but I can't tell if the drums are meant to be interpreted as real drums or synth drums (you have parts programmed pretty much like a real player would play them, but some of the drum hits sound midi-esque and you also have unnatural things like cymbal swells layered over the part), and many details are difficult to pick out on speakers (I had to use headphones to hear much of what was happening).

Silverpool - I don't think this was bad - actually I think it's pretty decent - but I do think it could use some more movement and variation. You need to vary up your note velocities and/or articulations more. Also I quite like what was *added*, but after listening to the source it sounds pretty clearly like it was just added on top, and I think you should change the underlying source a bit as well to help it blend better with what you're adding.