Scammed with the glasses

posted in 2HTS132 on Oct 09, 2016
When GuitarRock1089 ended in another dimension for no reasons that could be explained, a weirdo offered him a pair of glasses that should have helped him but instead... got scammed

Real life explanation: Forgot how to Reaper, plugins got messed up (again -_-), got a new octaver pedal :D and a iPad to play with, don't take this track too serious, I was trying to come out :P

The misadventures of Mr Sock

posted in 2HTS107 on Apr 17, 2016
Sadly I couldn't complete it, you'll notice that drums are not quite correct sounding, somehow Sonar X3 have been trolling me in the last few days.

So here are the lyrics I composed to it, I'll finish the song and add the freaking lyrics if it's the last thing I will ever do in this life:

I fell from the basket case
With no hope of being picked up
It looks like I've going to be
forgotten here
on the cold floor

Dirty to never be clean again
Discarded from the laundry
It must've been an accident
I don't want to be here right now but

This is my new life
I'm now the missing sock
I'll be alone
Far away from home

Dragging my way through the floor
No one seems to notice me I'm lost
Where's my other half?
There's no sense on this!
Why I'm here?