posted in OHC349 on Jun 18, 2015
more based on the blue image i guess. other one is so industrial

I was left with a feeling of "this wasnt what i wanted to make".

Punch a princess in the face.

posted in OHC290 on May 01, 2014
I had orginally thought to make something kinda spooky ambient/breaks like. Sorta Vsnares. figured I'd try another timesignature and all the works.

But then I looked at the time and fuck, that is not enough time. So this occured. its short and eh. But I did things.

Enter the wizards home.

posted in OHC273 on Jan 02, 2014
So I have no idea what the stuff in the description is, I just know its strangers to magic. So its like... you enter the wizards illuminated blue town, calming, welcoming...but yet distant kind of. You cant put yor finger on what it is.

Then you put on some breakbeats on your mp3 to try to relax I guess.

Drowsy nights

posted in OHC252 on Aug 08, 2013
Yeah, I dunno. didnt really do much with the arrangement due to time. First ohc in a while. Didnt remember my password, so made a new account. Used to be confused man or something.
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