$20 and Dead Hooker

posted in 2HTS173 on Jul 23, 2017
If the whole world's a party
It's a little dead
Like the pale hooker lying on my best friend's bed
He says he didn't mean it but I could care less
I'd help him rob a blind kid, so what's a little mess?
I tell him not to worry, that Paul has a truck
I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind, he don't give a fuck
See, I need to call him anyway, he owes me 20 bucks
I guess we'll call it even if he brings his truck

So we're rolling down the highway, doing 65
I tell Paul to slow it down, or that body's gonna fly
He looks at me, and I can see his stupid little grin
He's trying to give heart attack to poor little Tim
See, Tim is in back with the body now
He's yelling at Paul and me to slow it down
And suddenly we hit a bump, and my head hit the roof
And out the back the body flies, who fucking knew?

I did Paul, I knew. I literally just told you it was a possibility.

You know, I really needed that twenty bucks Paul, not sure I can call this work even.